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As the curling librarian, I think it's time I brought a little more librarian to this here corner of the internet!

Hell froze over...I joined a book club.

That sounds like a completely normal thing for someone to do, except I'm not normal - I don't read.

I know, I know, a librarian who doesn't read. Strange right? Not really. Librarianship isn't just about reading (especially as I'm an academic librarian working at a university and not a public library). I used to read, but grad school beat the joy of the written word out of me. These days, I especially dislike reading what other people tell me to read and I never really was one for reading bestsellers, thus the avoidance of book clubs.

But I found my inspiration to start reading again - I joined an open genre book club! Every month we picked a genre, and then I pick whatever book to read I want within that genre. We met once a month to "discuss". Sounds like fun.

And then I quit. And then I stopped reading. And then I lost all my words and started sounding stupid.

So I created a new book club! I amassed a few friends who lived local on the north side of the city, and despite my anxiety of mixing friends, everyone got along fantastically! The plan is to read the same book one month,maybe picking a specific genre. I'm rather looking forward to getting back into words!

I hope you enjoy reading along with me - be sure to check out the books at your local library or favourite bookstore!

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