Book Review: Ragged Company

Years ago, I read Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese and it changed my life. I had another of his books on my list for years and finally had time to read it!

Ragged Company
By Richard Wagamese
376 pages

Four homeless friends decide to shelter from a particularly cold winter's day by going to the movie theatre. There, they happen upon a gentleman, who at first moves away from them, but who, over the course of the book and multiple random meetings at the movies, becomes a very good friend. This of course comes in handy when one of the ragged company finds a $13 million winning lottery ticket on the street, because you need ID and thus an address to claim such a fortune! The book tells the back stories of all the friends, as well as their present issues of dealing with such a lifestyle change, and their journeys to overcome their inner demons.

This book has a simple premise, but is very sweet, and poignant, if a little rough around the edges. I enjoy Wagamese's writing style, and got so into the characters I cried at three different parts (twice on an airplane, yeesh). I did think it went on a bit too long and that the last quarter dragged a bit, but it wrapped up well with a happy and hopeful ending. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a not-super-depressing-or-gruesomely-traumatic read. Let me know if you end up crying on an airplane when Timber tries to find his wife...