iRodeo 2016: Or Why It's My Favourite Music Festival

Interstellar Rodeo handily won over the crown of my most favourite music festival. Civilized. Relaxed. It was a fantastic venue for spending time with my favourite music family.

Here's my top 3 of 2016:

1. Marty Stuart
I knew I'd enjoy him, because my dad used to play his 'Tempted' cassette tape all the time, but I was surprised he was the top highlight of the festival. The music. The showmanship. The voice. The outfits. And he capped it all off by shaking fans hands as he walked off the stage. A set can't get much better than that!

2. The Strumbellas
You gotta love singing along, knowing all the words, dancing in your chair. They are a great live band.

3. Kathleen Edwards
Since she's technically retired, it's always a privilege to see her in concert. She was high-larious, with her own brand of self deprecating humour, and the songs are as always fantastic. She brought out Luke Doucet to play a few songs with her too.

Honourable Mention:

Henry Wagons only did a tweenter but he won over the crowd with his song 'Willie Nelson'. Dude needs his own full set next year! Check out a short video I shot of my favourite song.

Whitehorse was back, and while I love the duo and their music, I don't 100% buy into all the looping and electronic stuff. Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland's voices are so amazing that I feel all the extra takes away from that. But fun to watch nonetheless.

Six Shooter Records (we love them!) have treated us fans so well over the years. We'll be back next year for sure!!

Just be awesome...