March Challenge: Eat Local in Edmonton Fail

There's still one more week of March, but I pretty much quit this challenge right after I started. I barely made it a few days before breaking the March rule: only buy food from locally owned businesses.

I don't think this was a waste of my time though, as I did learn a few things. First, I value convenience over all - over price, over time and over location. Second, it's easier to find locally owned restaurants than it is to find locally owned food marts, at least in my neighbourhood. Third, chain grocery stores trump locally owned stores in terms of variety (and in one case, lack of expired chocolate chips!). Fourth, I live in a food desert, and I'm mostly too lazy to go beyond my neighbourhood borders for groceries, though I'll go farther afield for restaurants.

Pretty sure I'll keep trying to eat a locally owned restaurants. I feel that's a mostly manageable and sustainable goal. Groceries though, well I'll keep going to my chain supermarket for dairy and miscellaneous items, but still frequent the locally owned green grocer, and am searching for a local locally owned deli/butcher.

This failed challenged has caused me to think about all the things I buy though, and where they're sold and by whom. So it wasn't a total lose: failing in March has made me more conscious of my purchases, and that knowledge has still got me thinking about buying locally owned when possible, and when convenient. I guess I'm only half a failure.