March Challenge: Eat Local in Edmonton Week 3

Oh wow I suck at this...

On Thursday evening I needed to grab cookies for work on Friday and vegetables for Roller Derby Officials Rules Night BBQ. I was halfway done my shopping when I realized I was at Safeway and wasn't even allowed to be there! Major fail. I totally forgot. Safeway is just so damn convenient! Sure I could've gone to H&W, but then where would I have gotten the cookies? Two stops. Sigh. Oh the guilt.

Saturday though I only needed fruit and bread so it was H&W for the win!

I didn't eat out at all this week.

I bought some vitamins from Optimum Health, which is a local chain of health food shops. And I bought some delicious natural sausages from them too. Random thing to have in a vitamin store!

So yes, I failed again. But it did make me realize something: I value convenience over everything else, over time, over location, over money. I've still got two weeks left in this month, and though I'm pretty sure I'll fail again, I'm going to try to at least get to the Italian Centre Shop before the month is out!