March Challenge: Eat Local in Edmonton Week 2

Week 2 was somewhat less eventful than week 1, but annoying nonetheless.

So annoying. For my weekly shop I needed fruits/vegetables, which I happily got from my local green grocer H&W - they were giving away a 10lb bag of potatoes if you spent $30, but since the deals are so good I never spend more than $10, I didn't have to lug home a bag of potatoes to eat for 2 months. From there I went straight to Elsafadi Market. Last week, I went to Safeway first, felt guilty, then went to Elsafadi and found everything I needed there anyway. This week was the opposite. I only needed beef, almond milk, butter and chocolate chips. That's it. They had butter, but it was kind of smushed. They miraculously had chocolate chips, but they had expired 3 months ago. And they didn't have almond milk. Ok, so I could go back to regular milk, but they didn't have that really either - they only carry 2%, 3% and homogenized. Um. No. Not drinking full fat milk. So I walked out. I didn't even go to the neighbouring butchers for my meat because I was annoyed. Since milk of the almond or skim variety is kind of a staple in my life, I can't make Elsafadi my go to grocery store. I went to Safeway, got everything I needed, and didn't feel guilty, only annoyed. And sad: I really wanted to be able to do all my food shopping in a 10block radius from my house from local businesses. If only H&W carried dairy!

So the grocery search continues. Earth's General store would have everything but meat and is not super convenient. Italian Centre would have everything but also isn't super convenient...or is it? Maybe next week...

This was an eat-at-home week, plus I went to my parents twice for dinner to watch the Brier curling event on TSN with my mom, and once to a friends for dinner/curling on tv. Besides my weekly lunch from local campus cafeteria vendor Filistix, the only food I ate out was our curling league wrap up party, and I guess that also counts as giving my money to a local business. I did buy some cookies from the roller derby bake sale, so all in all eating out was very homemade.

I didn't really buy anything else. So I win here too.

A problem with my whole non-chain idea: my credit card accrues points for free groceries at Superstore. Which is a chain. Which I'm not really allowed to shop at. Well for food. But I guess that's ok because I'm not giving my money to big corporation - they're actually giving me money! And that whole non chain grocery store thing isn't going very well anyway...