Book Review: Let's Get Primitive: The Urban Girl's Guide to Camping

We went camping as kids: I have many memories of waking up in a tent trailer or eating lunch outside the camper. My only memory of tent camping was when a bunch of dads took us girls camping in their big canvas hunting tent. For a couple summers when I lived in England, we went for a week long field camping vacation at a big Christian conference (another time, another story), which was my first camping experience since being a kid.

Last summer, I borrowed a tent and went camping twice - once for a night in Drumheller at this cramped private campground, and once for a few days in Jasper. It's not like I love loved it, but it was enjoyable. Quiet. Pretty. Simple. And I thought about going camping again every day since Jasper...until I went to Iceland: now all I can think about is going camping around Iceland!

So I bought a tent. And I'm planning on going camping this summer. I have a couple group trips tentatively lined up, and I might even get brave enough for a solo trip or two. As a librarian, I'm preparing by reading up on the topic. The internet is good, but I came across a book that I remember hearing about years ago and it sounded promising. It wasn't available at my local libraries, so I actually interlibrary loaned it (My first ILL ever! Weird for a librarian eh?)...

Let's Get Primitive: The Urban Girl's Guide to Camping
By Heather Menicucci
236 pages

I was hoping for a practical book which included camping tips for women. Um. No. What I got was valley girl, pretentious, glamping* stories with a few tips but mostly just "bring your make up and a skirt and a bottle of wine and some condoms" sort of stuff. Almost unreadable. Extremely trite and girly and wordy. It's too bad because between the lines were some good ideas, but wow, well, I'm not so girly, so this was mostly lost on me.

And that's it. I wouldn't recommend this book. You want to go camping? Read the internet. Unless you're quite girly and want to go glamping, then this is the book for you. Blah.

*glamour or luxury camping or lame