Book Review: Knitting Books - Dinosaurs and Roller Derby

Normally I get my knitting patterns from Ravelry, but I recently took a couple knitting pattern books out of the library...

Knitted Dinosaurs: 15 Prehistoric Pals to Knit From Scratch
By Tina Barrett
128 pages

I'm really into dinosaurs lately, because apparently I'm a 10yr old boy trapped inside a 35yr old women's brain. Sigh.

Anyway, this book was great because the patterns weren't stupid hard. That's usually how I feel about knitted toy patterns, so this book was refreshing in that respect. The illustrations are colourful, the text seems well laid out and easy to understand, and there were a few pages devoted to knitting/toy making techniques at the end. Each of the 15 dinosaurs got their own pattern, as well as a small section with interesting tidbits of info.

I took this book to work to show to the library staff crafting group that I'm trying to get going...and they loved it! I'm sure many people of all ages will be getting dino gifts in the future. I flagged 3 possible dinosaurs to make in the future, and believe me, as soon as the need arises I'm casting them on.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who like dinosaurs, or who needs to give a dinosaur gift; it's a good one for slightly more than beginner knitters.

Knockdown Knits: 30 Projects from the Roller Derby Track
By Toni Carr (Joan of Dark)
146 pages

I love roller derby (I should probably blog about my involvement in the sport...). Heck, I even have a derby name, and yes it's on an article of clothing so it's legit. In fact, though I don't skate, I've worked almost 50 games as a non skating official over the past couple years. So I was excited to check out a roller derby knitting book.

The book was very visually appealing, with coloured roller derby girl pictures smattered between pattern text. It even included text boxes with explanations about roller derby - so this alone makes it a good read for those interested in or involved with the sport. It looked good. It sounded good.

But, I didn't find any of the patterns inspiring. Not a one. That's not to say they weren't interesting or useful or whatnot, just that I couldn't see my self making any of them. Some were easy, ripe for a beginner, and some were more complicated, but none grabbed my attention. I guess the finished products were a bit...boring? I'm not sure what it was, but after browsing through the book I just returned it to the library.

I'd recommend this to knitters who like roller derby or who might want to learn more about the sport. Just because I didn't like the patterns, doesn't mean you wont!