2016 Scotties Canadian Women's Curling Championship: Update 3

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Friday, February 26, 2016

The game this morning was quite exciting because tiebreaker and relegation scenarios depended on the outcome of one particular game. So leading up to it all the discussion on the media bench was tiebreaker scenarios, which is always fun because people get really into it. In the end there were no tiebreakers!

So we had the afternoon off! A couple of us were actually in a VIP transportation car, on our way to the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum, which is about 15 minutes drive out of Grande Prairie - but we didn't even make it out of the arena parking lot when it came over the radio that we had to abort because they weren't allowed to drive past the airport for insurance reasons! Sad. Then a security guard offered to drive us out after her shift, but the timing seemed a bit iffy because of some special guests we were expecting at the arena. Sad. No dinosaurs. I just went to the hotel and watched like four hours of bad tv.

Then I was super nervous because of a special project that came up. The Sheepdogs, who had filmed a video with Team Jones, were due to play the bar across the street from the arena tonight. They're still friends with the team and came in to watch the evening game. So naturally we got them in the scrum area! Rick Lang was recruited as the interviewer - and damn I had no idea that man was so funny!

Very funny. Quite fun to record. So there you go. I met rockstars.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Success! An awesome volunteer drove myself, the IT guy and a couple reporters out to the Dinosaur Museum this morning! It was a nice little museum. Very new, very well displayed, and very tied to the local area - I've heard 90% of the fossils on display are local, plus there's a tie in to oil and gas. It was well worth the visit! I think I'll visit Pipestone Creek and camp sometime, apparently there's a trail to the bone bed. Very neat.

Beautiful country.

It's that time of the event when I've gotten really attached to the people I work with and see everyday around the arena so I really want this to last forever but I really want to go home. It's a weird feeling, very bittersweet. But it's this feeling that keeps me coming back, and keeps me looking for more events to volunteer for!

Today was also a sad day because we had our last taco lunch at the farmer's market. Damn good tacos. I always try to support local businesses at these events, and this is good motivation to seek out more local places near home.

Almost home time.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Last day!

Again, a bittersweet day. I've really enjoyed working with everyone, and have gotten quite attached to people in the venue. But, as the curling excitement ramps up, so does that going-home-soon feeling. After the afternoon draw, I took down my scrum area, right alongside TSN and Curling Canada where the take down had already started. It's always amazing to me how quickly everything goes down!

The final game was exciting - right down to the last shot! I was so nervous: it's not like I was throwing the rocks! The scrum was on the ice which always makes me a bit anxious but in the end it all turned out great - exactly the way an event should end! One last video, then goodbyes and hugs and then I walked out of that arena for the last time.

Bronze Medal Game.

Cue up the Final!

Tense. I was so nervous watching this game!


Slider! He does such a good job. Great guy.

That's my hand on the left. The Final scrum is always a rush.


My Final media scrum. Will it be my last?

Monday, February 29, 2016

Remember how yesterday I said good bye to everyone? Well everyone was at the airport - and I mean everyone!! I rode in to the airport with Slider and one of the journos, all the CC people were there, TSN, Sportsnet, some teams, everyone. More good byes. More hugs. Home!

It turned out to be a great event! Good people, good food, good curling. I'm not sure if and when I'll be backstage shooting media scrums again - but I'll be the Director of Ceremonies and the World Men's Curling Championship in Edmonton next March so plenty to look forward to for the next year!!