2015 Canada Cup - The Middle

Day 3


For a bit on the media bench, I got to sit next to one of the Winter Youth Olympians - Team Canada is visiting and learning and practicing this week. Very cool. I'm obviously jealous those kids are going to Norway.

I also managed to find a dinosaur sponsor pin! No time to visit the new Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum this trip, maybe in February?

I went for a lovely short walk through the park that goes through Grande Prairie. It was such a beautiful December day!

The non-highlight of the night was when my computer crashed in the middle of editing a scrum and I lost it all and had to start again. Then that froze and I found the old one. And there's timing for these videos - I have to post them and pass on the link to my boss who is posting the article and needs the video embed link and this all needs to be done as quickly as possible after a draw. Fortunately I still squeaked in under the wire!

My favourite uniform #1: Team John Epping - My Favourite Purple. Love it!

My favourite uniform #2: Team Pat Simmons, as modelled by John Morris - Crazy Camo.

My favourite uniform #3: Team Sherry Middaugh - Classic Red.

Walk in the park.

Dino pin!

Enter to win Team Jones bobbleheads from WFG!

Quite the line up.

The TSN booth/media bench.

Winter Youth Olympics Team Canada practicing after the last draw.

Day 4

Besides curling, I walked to the Farmer's Market, which was closed because there was a Christmas craft sale on somewhere else but no one bothered to update that on the internet. Anyway, I stayed for homemade tacos at the concession and they were delicious. I'll be back for tacos in February.

It's the second last day which is kinda sad because I'm liking the people here. The Scotties should be fun!

Last round robin - men's draw and women's tiebreaker.

Team Purple Jacket lives to curl another day.

Clocks packed away for another day.

Men's semi. Best view in the house is mine!

Welcoming the Winter Youth Olympics Team Canada.

Having a laugh at the kiss cam!

This is what you miss during commercial breaks.

Extra end to end the evening!