2015 Canada Cup - The End

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Last Day

The end. Always bittersweet.

Busy day with two finals, and then final tear down. This event is a bit different, with the knowledge that we're all coming back in February for the Scotties, so the good byes weren't as sad as usual. The volunteers and local media have been great, so it'll be nice to see the same people again in a couple months. I think I've also sussed out the cheap & cheerful eats near the arena too, score!

And as always, I cherish the time I spend as a fly on the wall as the veteran curling media guys swap stories and reminisce about curling events and personalities from the past. It really is a privilege to work with them event after event. They're always really good to me, welcoming me and making me feel comfortable in the media room. Besides my curling boss (who is my favourite boss because he says thank you and is always a pleasure to work with), I tend to get along well with the various guys who write for the event newspaper; I usually sit next to them on the media bench and we chatter in the scrum area. This event's writer was great as usual so I hope to meet up with him again down the road.

I'm not a pro at media/videography stuff. I know what I know because I've learned a few things, but I don't know everything (like how to stop the horrible glare and shadows coming off the lights. Need covers next event). I do this for fun on my vacation. So to continue to be asked to work for Curling Canada at these events is a real honour, and an opportunity I hope I can continue relishing for more curling seasons!

So I'll say good bye to the curling world and Grande Prairie, but only briefly as I'll be back in February!

Happened upon the set up for a Santa Claus parade on my walk to the arena. I particularly liked the dozen bobcats decked out as all different Santa's reindeer!

Women's final. Best seat in the house.

Homan wins!

This young piper was the best of the week!

Men's final.

This is what you miss during commercial breaks. Live it live!

Koe wins! I sure do love this gig!

Tear down begins as soon as the camera turns off, even as the teams celebrate their victories.

The end. See you down the road!