2015 Canada Cup - The Beginning

Day 1

It's like riding a bike. Sort of.

First I got stranded at the hotel because there's no shuttles out front. Thankfully an old friend saved me and called dispatch - oh how I've missed my curling friends! Dispatch number is now in my phone. Then there was no accreditation for me, so again my friend saved me and got me access. It's a nice venue, small but just perfect for what I'd want from a curling rink (minus the awesome food truck that parked outside at the Kamloops Brier, or the Safeway a dozen steps away at the Moose Jaw events, that was pretty exceptional). I helped set up the media scrum area, all the while pretending I totally knew what I was doing. Then it was watch a bit, film a bit, edit a bit, post. Repeat. I mostly got it right. Record is the big red button. Press record.

Easy peasy day back on the bike. It's good to be back.

Ah. This view again.

Under the media bench. Wicked good storage at this venue.

Taking photos for a calendar giveaway.

Normally I go by Shamchuk, or Slamchuk if it's roller derby. This is a new one though...

Day 2

Epic search for a toothbrush. Watch curling. Press record. Make some new friends. Done and dusted!

Marcel Rocque and Randy Ferbey, just hanging out.

The calm before the storm.