Interstellar Rodeo 2015: Oh So Civilized

Oh Interstellar. What a pleasant venue. What a lovely festival.

It was another great weekend of music at the year's Interstellar Rodeo! It's so easy to attend this festival. The line up is low stress. There's chairs and shade/rain cover. The food is fantastic and the lines aren't very long. And even though the bathrooms could get messy at times, there were indoor bathrooms with plumbing! It's hard to not want to go to this festival, and that's not even considering the music!

Of course the best part was hanging out with my music people. It really was a lovely 3 days of chatting in the line up, in the stands, over a meal, and on breaks as we walked around the lake at Hawrelak Park. My people are awesome - they shared their food, cleaned gum off my bum after I sat on some and didn't even laugh when I dropped my knitting and it rolled down the aisle!

Spotted this little dude on a walk around the lake. Isn't he cute!

But the music! The lineup was good this year - except there were a number of really "showy" acts. Between the fancy light shows, and arrogant performers, I could've done without the "showy". The venue is ace, but I really wish the music meshed more with what I like. And what I don't like is showy, hipster, pretentious crap.

Here's my top 3:

Buffy Sainte-Marie
It's been a Buffy summer for me. I saw her play in Ottawa in early June, and since then pretty much listened to her CDs nonstop in my office all summer. Her concert did not disappoint. My music people were sceptical, but she wowed them over. She was upbeat, genuine, and belted out all my favourite tunes. She had the crowd eating out of her hands. Buffy is one cool lady. Why wasn't she the headliner???

Buffy is one cool lady!

All Stars: Joel Plaskett, Kathleen Edwards, Luke Doucet
A late edition, this set was awesome. I love Luke Doucet's guitar, and the fact that he got Kathleen to come out of retirement for us was very special.

See, Kathleen is having fun! She should come out of retirement more often! Oh yeah, that there is the White Falcon. I heart the White Falcon. Right, because you don't have a crush on a guitar...

Tied: Elle King, Oh Susanna, Rhiannon Giddens
I don't like female singers as a general rule, but this year these 3 impressed me. Elle King was fiesty, Oh Susanna sang my favourite song from the olden days, and Rhiannon, well, what a voice!

Elle King. Banter was better than the music (which was good too!).

Oh Susanna. River Blue, yay!

Man that Rhiannon lady has some voice!

So yes, I'll be back next year regardless of music line up and ever increasing ticket price. I'm not ready to give up this luxury just yet!