Book Review: I Kill Giants + Lost At Sea

I don't really like graphic novels. There. I said it. Sometimes I read them because I want to feel cool, but I still don't really "get" them. I guess I just prefer novels. Recently I came across a top 10 list somewhere and, as per usual, thought maybe I'd try getting into graphic novels again. Maybe I'd change my opinion. (Spoiler: I didn't)

Lost at Sea
By Bryan Lee O'Malley
160 pages

I sort of liked O'Malley's Seconds and Scott Pilgrim, especially the art, I do like his art. So I sort of liked this book. Raleigh is on a weird road trip with acquaintances. She's an introvert. They're not. Mostly she lives in her head, which is useful for finding out why they're in the car in the first place. She's sad. Broken hearted. At one point she decides a cat stole her soul so they all try look for the cat. And then it ends.

I think love is stupid and I can't relate to angsty young adults. So the point of this book was lost on me. But it was pretty. And there were cats. So that's something.

I Kill Giants
By Joe Kelley & J. M. Ken Nimura
184 pages

Barbara is a weird kid with an impressive active imagination: she's prepping to kill some giants. She's got problems at home. She's got problems at school. And then one day the giant comes and a secret is revealed and all is solved.

The story of this is good, but the art was...confusing? Especially at first. I had a hard time following along for awhile. I guess it's just not quite my style. But it works with the story, which is good. How's that for a deep review?

So do I love graphic novels now? Nope. But I'll keep trying to fall in love again every once in awhile.