2015 Curling Team Shakeup

There's Grand Slam of Curling games on tv this week so it must be curling season time!!

My Team Tuesday is all registered for the upcoming season, and I've let a colleague know I can spare for their work league if needed. And, my mom and I just booked flights today for the Continental Cup in Las Vegas in January! So suffice to say I'm looking forward to the upcoming season. The only downside is that for the first time in 5yrs I don't have a volunteer gig set up for a major curling event, which is sad. There are two events (Canada Cup and Scotties) about 5hrs away from home but I'm not sure I'll get to them. I will be working the U18 in town again (I think), and am waiting to hear about ifI'm accepted as a volunteer to the Winter Youth Olympics in Norway, but other than that it's possible my #curlingvolunteering era is coming to an end.

But back to the teams...

This year there were a ton of team shake ups! Here's my list of some of the biggies, but check the TSN Roster page, Grand Slam Tracker or Sportsnet article for the full list.