Book Review: Petty Theft

I happened across a list of the best graphic novels of 2014, and one sounded interesting because it had to do with single people and books (so right up my alley). Bonus - the public library had it and I didn't even need to wait on a long list to take it out. So, even though I don't really love graphic novels, this was my chance to try a new one that was highly rated and might change my opinion on the genre(?).

Petty Theft
By Pascal Girard
104 pages

Pascal is having hard time. He recently got out of a long term relationship, and screwed up his back running. So no one loves him, he can't run to take advantage of endorphins, he's imposing on a friend because he has no place to live, and his creative career has stalled. Eventually he gets a somewhat unrewarding job in construction, and loiters in a book store on occasion. One day he sees an attractive woman shoplifting one of his books! He makes it his mission to tail her and investigate her crime, but of course he falls for her. How will he ever fix everything?!

The art is simple line drawings, so not "pretty", but effective - it feels more like reading a comic strip in the newspaper. It's funny in parts, and awkward in more parts. Not awkward like the images and words don't work, just awkward because Pascal is...awkward and make some awkward life choices and says some awkward thing. In the end, there's some resolution and a sort of happy ending.

So did it change my mind about graphic novels? Um. No. It wasn't a waste of time, instead was a somewhat enjoyable read, well, quick anyways. But, like so many graphic novels I've read, I felt a bit disappointed in the ending. It just seemed a bit too neat, rushed maybe, forced? Regardless I'd recommend it to graphic novel fans who are looking for a light hearted, not deep, and quick read.