2015 Scotties Canadian Women's Curling Championship: Update 2

Thursday. I slept through my alarm and thank goodness my lunch friend texted me to confirm a reservation at our favourite cafe, otherwise I would've slept through the draw and my job! I made it just in time though, with extra time to proofread my stupid text so I don't make anymore embarrassing typos!

I love watching multiple games at once!

Brian Mudryk filming a 5th end interview.

Another cute kid, for those who where wondering where Cameron was.

Rider Kevin Glenn was around to say hi to Team Saskatchewan.

Another delicious lunch at The Gallery Cafe. Another game. A wee nap? Dinner of poutine in the Heartstop Lounge with a volunteer. Another game. Completely unbiased media cheering for the last shot of the night. Bedtime!


Friday, only two draws today. The first draw was media overload - everyone was in town, even though apparently the highways were full of cars in the ditch!

My poor camera suffers from somewhat of an inferiority complex.

There was a long break because there was no tiebreaker game, so it was another delicious lunch at The Gallery Cafe, followed by some quality time with a book, and then back to the arena!

What a game. Close. Heartbreaking. Playoffs are intense - 4 more games to go!

Getting ready to play the 1 vs 2 game.

Tough battle out there.


Saturday. Another 2 tense games. Seriously, I could feel my chest tightening for those women. In the end both games were great - came down to the last rocks. Couldn't ask for better curling!

Christmas colours 3 vs 4 game.

Final shot...

Final shot...

Media was just buzzing about the Saskatchewan win!

Team Canada (Rachel Homan) won't make the semi.

Team Saskatchewan (Stefanie Lawton) ready to go for the evening's semi final!

AB vs SK in the semifinal.

Slider dances to the Rider's Pep Band. Dude is hilarious.

Happy winner Val Sweeting (Team Alberta) ready to go to the final!

It was sad today to eat my final lunch from The Gallery Cafe, and this one was the best one! I'm totally putting turkey, brie and pear on a sandwich or something in the future.

As it was an early night, I had time to blog a bit, read a bit, internet a bit, and sleep a lot!


Sunday. Last day of curling. This was bittersweet. I'm ready to go home, but I am having as great time and have settled into the routine - basically I don't want to go back to work. It's also that time when you have to say goodbye to all the people I've worked with all week. I know I'll see some of them again down the road, but this is still the hardest part of the end.

No morning game so I got to sleep in and relax before heading to the arena for the bronze medal game. And it was a sad one for the home province. Saskatchewan lost a tough one, 4th 4 years in a row. Hopefully they come back and get themselves into that final next year!

Another Christmas game - this time for the bronze!


Last tv time out!

Rider's Pep Band getting the crowd excited for the 10th end.

I think I'll watch the final end from here!

Great win by Team Homan (formerly known as Team Canada).

Sad loss for Team Lawton - I hope they'll be back!

I finally tried Taco in a Bag - and it wasn't that bad! I wouldn't eat it regularly, but it made for a not horrible dinner!

The final was another intense game! It never gets old, waiting near the gate with the herd of media, then running onto the ice, filming the skips with terrible background songs as audio, then watch the closing ceremony, then film/edit/post - all done!!

Mascot dance off! Live it live!

It's the final! MB vs AB!

Slider's found himself some wheels!

Such a great game!

And this is what they're playing for!

Going to miss my hockey dressing room office! I really enjoyed working with all the media guys, the CCA folks and the volunteers!

Sad. It's been a great event! Fantastic venue, super friendly people, great town - I'll miss it for sure! Bittersweet to be leaving, especially since it was suck a fun week and my last event of the season. I hope I'll be back for another couple events next year, and I can't wait to do it all again!

And that's a wrap from the Moose Jaw Scotties! See you next year!