2015 Scotties Canadian Women's Curling Championship: Update 1

It's Monday! Hard to believe it's only day 3, seems like I've been here forever, but in a good way! I think I've endeared myself to the media volunteers and enjoy their company in the lounge between games and then backstage waiting for the media show to start.  And I think I have been accepted by the media guys, which is much quicker than usual - either because they're super friendly or I'm just getting better at this whole pretending-to-be-a-cameraman thing. Regardless, it feels like home and should make for an excellent week!

So I set a challenge for myself and think I came out on the losing end. Taco in a Bag is a thing here, as I'm sure it is in many small town prairie rink, but I've never sampled it. What is Taco in a Bag you ask? Split a bag of doritos down the edge, add taco meat, lettuce, salsa, sour cream and cheese, throw in a plastic for and voila! Cuisine. Or something. I said I'd eat it if I got 12 recommendations and between twitter and Facebook it didn't take too long. I promise, one day this week...

Today was busy for the media. Being more comfortable with the job and the media guys means I'm piping up and yapping at everyone a bit more so it's been fun. Actually, it was quite fun. It was Family Day in Saskatchewan on Monday so I got to put together this...

Crap. Typo. sigh.

Cute kid alert #1! This is Isabella and Jennifer Jones. I tweeted this photo and it's gotten the most retweets/favourites of any tweet I've ever tweeted. Ever.

Cute kid alert #2! This is Eric and Stephanie Lawton. His yawn in the video above is just the most well timed cuteness ever!

View from the front row.

An ice tech shares his fries with Richard Hart, who shares them with the TSN boom camera operator. Curling is such a sharing sport.


On Tuesday there was no morning game, so we went to the Tunnels of Moose Jaw - and they were AWESOME!! I was sad to miss the tourist spot last time I was here for curling in 2012 so we made sure we got out this time. There's two different tours. One is very historically reflective about the hardships endured by Chinese immigrants in the early 1900s. You get to tour an underground laundry and a couple other areas - it's a sad story but very interesting. The guide did a great job conveying the trials of the labourers. I knew about the head tax, but I never knew how marginalized the Chinese people were at that time. The second tour was about Al Capone's bootlegging operation. We saw a lounge, some of Al Capone's rooms, and of course the tunnels where they hid the booze. The guides were fantastic: very in character and had the group laughing or screaming. The Capone tour was a bit more interactive as the guides voluntold people to do different things, whereas the laundry tour was more of a group immersion into the hard lives of the workers. All in all, I was very impressed with staging of both tours, and especially with the guides -  they were fantastic, very informative and in character. It was pretty neat to be lead around the different tunnels knowing that this was all happening right under Main Street! I would highly recommend the Tunnels of Moose Jaw to anyone travelling through town as they were well work my 2hrs/$25. And next time I'm here for curling (?) I'm totally going again!

Now if only I'd remembered a bathing suit for the spa pool...

Moose Jaw is a nice town. I quite like it here.

After a lovely late lunch at The Gallery Cafe (why don't I ever think of putting brie and pear into a turkey sandwich??) with a CCA friend, I couldn't stop smiling! It was like I was actually on vacation. But back to the curling world!

Also on Tuesday, my media utopia was somewhat trampled. I arrived to find large news networks had usurped my spot in the media workroom and moved their cameras into the scrum area. I forgot this would happen later in the week, and not like I begrudge the national broadcast of my favourite sport, but they do make me feel like an amateur. Luckily, I've made enough friends with the local and CCA media and with the volunteers plus my CCA friends to keep me going and despite my new "cosy" spot in the media workroom, I'm still really looking forward to the rest of the week!

Those hardworking mascots, putting in such long days, they must be exhausted!

Except somewhere in the third end of the evening draw on Tuesday I signed up for Plenty of Fish. Again. What was I thinking?!


Wednesday. Typo day. The powers that be spotted 3 and I got all ashamed and had to make more work for someone to fix it and crap they can't fire me now but what if they don't want me back. sigh.

Also there was some curling and I had a delicious lunch again at The Gallery Cafe and interesting conversation over dinner with the media guys and also there was some curling.

I kept Cathy's seat warm for her this morning.

There's some lovely Scotties and curling art at the Gallery.

I can't believe I let 3 typos get uploaded to youtube. I guess this is why I'm a librarian and not in the actual media business. I'm such a schmuck!