Book Review: Nativities of the World

This month's book club genre was Christmas. Yeah. I love Christmas.

Actually not really, that was sarcasm. I dislike the way Christmas has become about "Bigger, Better, More!" these days, and really don't need another fight with my sister at a mandatory family dinner.

I do, however, really like nativities, as to me they celebrate the real meaning of Christmas, before the shopping malls went berserk. It was a bit of a tradition in the olden days for me to set up a nativity scene in our house during Christmas. Also, I've visited St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal a couple times, and they curate a Nativity Museum that is really neat.

So for this Christmas genre I chose to read a book on nativities.

November/December 2014: Christmas

Nativities of the World
By Susan Weber
160 pages

Did you know that collecting nativities is a thing? Like a proper crazy hobby thing. I wanted a book full of neat nativity scene photos with descriptions of where/how they were made, and I got that. But I also got a lot of information about nativity collecting and availability and that was just, well, boring. I also was hoping to see some interesting non traditional nativities (with pizzazz!) but, well, yeah. It's not like the book was boring, but it didn't live up to the enjoyment I anticipated getting out of it. If that makes any sense.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who likes Christmas or nativity scenes, and it would be good to look at and read with a child too!

Art. To each her own!