2014 Canada Cup - Pre Game

Time for another exotic vacation - I'm in Camrose for the 2014 Canada Cup of Curling!

Last season I thought my curling gig was up, but I got a surprise phone call a couple months ago asking me to do two events this season! Yay!

I drove down to Camrose (90mins south east of where I live in Edmonton) and went straight to the arena in time for practices. I spent the rest of the afternoon working with my new boss to film a high-larious set of videos with pairs of curlers. Normally I try to avoid talking to the rock stars, but this was a fun job and everyone was in a good mood, and in fine comedic form, so I think it turned out well. I'm still editing the videos and they haven't been published yet, but I'll post links to them in a future post - stay tuned for some laughs!!

That night, I went to the opening banquet. I had awesome dates - my favourite part of working these events is catching up with my Canadian Curling Association (CCA) friends. It's always comforting to know people who you can just pick right back up where you left off with and share a joke and a meal, after 8 months of not seeing them. Fun times.

So my home for the week is the Encana Arena, specifically the media room, where I'm the only girl, so good times. I'm holding my own, and as usual learning from the pros while enjoying the comforts of a hockey dressing room!

This is a short event but I'm quite happy to hang out with everyone and watch some curling for the next 5 days!

Even Umpires get their photo taken!

My office for the week. Nice view. Good people.

Naked handles!

Teams Howard, Koe and Morris hanging out. See, they're still friends!

I shot some great footage for our fun 'Newlywed' game. Watch for the video links later this week!