2014 Canada Cup - Day 5

Last day. Women's final was in the morning, and was quite exciting.

Then there was a ridiculously long break, in which I went for lunch with my favourite CCA event accountant. Good times. It was great to catch up with an old friend!

The evening ended with the men's final, which was quite anticlimactic. I filmed the scrum on the ice, which usually scares the crap out of me, but this year was different. I love doing these events because I get to learn skills that I wouldn't ordinarily pick up at work. So far I've learned how to film and edit video, and I got supervisory experience from the 2012 Brier while I was a director. This event I learned how to film video without a tripod - not as terrifying as I originally thought! One of these days someone will teach my how to successfully manage the lighting and white balance!

Sweeting vs Homan in the final.

Team Sweeting won the Women's event!

Russ, Cheryl and Vic doing a tv spot right above where I was sitting.

Working on my blog while the men's final plays in the background. Love the view from the media bench.

Slider was really great all week! 

Men's winner - Team McEwen, aka Team Fireball!

And we're done. You'd be surprised how quickly they can tear down everything!

It's always sad when these events end and I have to say good bye to CCA people. It wasn't so bad this time because I know I'll see them at the 2015 Scotties in Moose Jaw! I'm really looking forward to the next event because I had fun this time - I'm back on the curling event bandwagon!


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