2014 Canada Cup - Day 4

No tiebreakers means I got to sleep in! Yay! Only 2 games going on so it was fairly quiet work wise, nothing out of the ordinary really. Except I happened to open my big mouth which got me in trouble (also nothing out of the ordinary really) but I didn't get fired - yay! Haha, all is well in the curling world.

I met more nice curling people today, CCA staff, volunteers in the sponsor's lounge, fans, and ended up sitting and chatting with a couple timers in the stands. And that's why I'm here. Good people. Good times.

Team Nedohin vs Team Sweeting - maybe they should draft in the newest snow sculpture?

The view from the media bench is always my favourite.

A better view of the Canada Cup on my 'desk'. Someone shined it up all pretty too!

Team Fireball!

I met this lady in the bathroom putting on her costume. I happened to run into Stu, the announcer, on my way out and told them about her. She got to play one of those between end games and won Big Valley Jamboree tickets! She said she's been dressing up for 20yrs to try get on TSN but has yet to be successful.