2014 Canada Cup - Day 3

Two diversions from the routine today.

Number 1: two curlers actually asked to be part of our quiz series! So we set up the gear again in the scrum room and filmed another hilarious bit! So nice to have curlers excited to participate, as opposed to imposing on them. Fun times.

Number 2: tiebreaker scenarios! This is my 9th CCA event (I think) and this happens every last day of the round robin - all the staff and media freak out about tiebreakers. Why? Well, in my case it's because I like sleep (if you know me, you know I'm not an all nighter nor a morning person). At the Roar of the Rings a year ago they were talking about triple tiebreakers that would go through the night. Here, there was talk of a women's double tiebreaker that would see a game at 10:30pm (so we'd work till 2:30am) and then another game at 8:00am. Fun times. Fortunately, the draws worked out so that there wouldn't be any tiebreakers and I got to sleep in!

Snow sculptures outside the venue.

It's 50 Shades of Green out there!

My usual view of the scrum. John and Norm have been my journey friends this event. Oh and that's Mike McEwen in the middle.

Another arena view from the media bench.

Getting ready to be announced before a game.

That's my boss Al running tiebreaker scenarios with one of the TSN guys. Fun times.