2014 Canada Cup - Day 2

What did I do on day 2? Edit, watch, film, edit, eat, watch, film, edit, eat, watch, film, edit, sleep.

I'm enjoying working with all the media and CCA guys. It's always one of my favourite changes from real life (where I work with all women - cue the drama!). The guys are nice and appreciative and after doing a number of these events I'm starting to feel like I belong. So I went from last year thinking I was done with this gig to already plotting where I can fit in for the 2015-2016 season (and dreaming about getting to the 2018 Winter Olympics). Good times!

Here's your daily quiz:

I just discovered that that shiny silver thing that shares my 'desk' space is the Men's Canada Cup of Curling!

I never tire of the view.

Many of the curlers have been doing interviews in french for the CBC. Valiant effort by all!

Skips shot, my fav.

What does 'NFG' mean? Jamie Bourassa, the head ice maker told me it means 'Not Flashing Green'. Gee, what were you thinking?!

My job has slowed down a bit so I'm getting to watch a bit more. Tight matches all over the place!