2014 Canada Cup - Day 1

Oh the curling event routine. Wake up. Tired. Snooze. Get ready. Get to the arena by first draw 5th end break. It's nice to be so close to home that I have my car here and I can come and go as I please. I really love the small venues. Every seat has a great view. The people are extra welcoming and you see the same volunteers and fans everywhere. Backstage is less complicated. And best of all, there's no traffic through town and the parking is free!!

Today I finished editing those fun videos we filmed yesterday at practice. Here's the first one posted!

They were fun to shoot and fun to edit and fun to watch. I can tell you two things about filming Marc and Ben:
1. They auditioned for the Amazing Race Canada and made it pretty far, but got cut in favour of a pair of hockey players. Couldn't use this bit because of 2.
2. So. Many. F-bombs! There was so much fun footage but I couldn't use most of it because of the f-words. Good times.

So as per usual during this gig, I talked to some people, filmed and edited some videos, and sort of watched some curling. Ok. I watched like 10mins of curling. I'll try do better tomorrow. Here's some blurry views of the ice.

This is what my view usually is, standing behind my journalist friends, waiting for games to end so we can film the media scrum.

If you ever go watch live curling, head to the merchandise area and buy a radio so you can listen to the TSN commentary!

As usual I got out of the venue about 11, in bed around midnight, and then repeat tomorrow!