Book Review: The Rosie Project

I wanted to read this book when it came out because it had a bike on it and I'm kinda into bikes right now. But after reading the blurb, turns out it's about love. Yuck.

Fast forward a year. A colleague insisted on lending me this book. As before, I wanted nothing to do with it: as a long standing member of The Spinster Club I try to have nothing to do with love stories. However, my colleague assured me it wasn't a traditional love story. Then my other colleague mentioned the main character had Asperger's and that it was quite quirky, so I thought, hey, why not.

The Rosie Project
By Graeme Simsion
288 pages

Don, a genetics professor and researcher, is not your average guy - he lives by rules and schedules and routines and may/may not have Asperger's. Regardless, he has decided to hack the usual speed/online dating gig by creating an exceptionally precise questionnaire as part of The Wife Project. Enter Rosie, a woman who doesn't pass the questionnaire. Yet after spending some time together, Don starts to step out of his routine, and might actually have "feelings" for someone else.

Narrated by Don, this novel provides a unique look into the mind of someone who sees the world quite differently than the masses. It's about love, but also a glimpse into another way of living. And that's where this book shines. Maybe the love stuff was contrived, but I certainly enjoyed reading about the inner workings of Don's psyche.

Funny, clever, sweet. I enjoyed this book, and it's worth a read just for acquiring a better understanding of someone who may/may not have Asperger's. The's a sequel now, The Rosie Effect, so I'll probably pick it up. A good light read on the bus so pick it up!