Book Review: Ace Lacewing, Bug Detective

September's book club genre was children's literature, and thank goodness because this month has been extremely busy and I haven't had time to read anything! I initially thought I would read a flimsy novel, but alas, I didn't even have time for that. At work, I've been organizing a monthly "librarians read to the day care" initiative, so while I was browsing our library's children's collection for books to read to the kidlets, I came across a picture book that I figured would make a great read for book club. Probably I should've picked a best seller or an award winner or something with literary merit, but reading about a bug detective just sounded so fun! And there are three in the series so put together that's an acceptable amount of reading, right?

September 2014: Children's Literature

Ace Lacewing, Bug Detective
By David Biedrzycki
40 pages

Ace Lacewing is a bug detective in Motham City (!). Queenie Bee has been kidnapped and Mayor Buzzbee puts Ace on the case. With the help of Sergeant Zito (a mosquito) and the beautiful Doctor Xerces Blue (a butterfly and Ace's girlfriend), they track down the culprit and save the day.

(You can listen to this book for free on Tumblebooks here. Very cool and animated way to enjoy a story!)

The tone of the book is very film noir - it felt like I was inside an old detective mystery movie narrated by the main character, trench coat and fedora and all! And though it's a kids book, there are clever visuals hidden everywhere that will be funny to adults, like the 'got milkweed?' milk moustache billboard, or all the glow worm lights, or the police tape that says "Police Bug Off". There are also clues hidden in the pictures, so pay attention to the newspaper headlines. Also the blood at the crime scenes is green. Tee hee. And the S.W.A.T. team carries fly swatters. Very clever

Ace Lacewing, Bug Detective: Bad Bugs Are My Business
By David Biedrzycki
44 pages

Ace Lacewing and his friends are back! This time someone has stolen Scratch the Flea's well earned money. The usual suspects are on the case.

The climax/solution to this mystery seemed a bit more contrived, but the puns and sight jokes were still everywhere and it was worth those 5 minutes of my time.

(Preview this book from A Story Before Bed.)

Ace Lacewing, Bug Detective: The Big Swat
By David Biedrzycki
44 pages

Motham City's baseball team, The Stinkbugs (sponsored by everyone's favourite credit card company, BEESA), usually stink, but this year they have a top rookie, Bugsy, who has led them to first place. But someone has stolen Bugsy's bat!

I could only preview the first bit of this book, but it sounded quite promising. Who doesn't love bugs and baseball??

(Preview this book from A Story Before Bed.)

The Ace Lacewing books are cute and clever, fun for kids and adults. They'd make great read alouds, especially if you do that film noir NY accent voice over!