Wrap Up of Interstellar Rodeo 2014

Interstellar Rodeo is quickly becoming my favourite summer music festival! Proper chairs, shade, protection from rain, food trucks, short lineups, no early mornings or late nights and la creme de la creme: indoor bathrooms with proper plumbing! Oh yeah, and a pretty good line up of music as well!

Here's my Top 3 from this year's festival:

1. The Strumbellas
I thought I liked this band, but the remind me of Mumford & Sons and Mumford & Sons remind me of an ex, heartbreak, and sadness...so I avoided listening to The Strumbellas. But they were good live, very good, and I thoroughly enjoyed their set. One of my music crew bought me their new CD, saying that "We are making new memories this weekend. Now when you listen to them you'll remember us and the fun we had." Touche. Now Strumbellas CDs are on repeat in my car. 

2. The Lone Bellow
Never heard of this band, but they put on a high energy performance that we all got into. More memories made!

3. Wagons
I remember really liking them in 2012, and they didn't disappoint this year either. Henry Wagons is the Australian Gord Downie - quite the entertainer. Fun times.

Biggest disappointment:
Gord Downie and The Sadies
I love The Hip and I love The Sadies but this combo didn't work for me at all. The only saving grace was watching two of my music crew, who had never seen Gord perform live before, react to his craziness!

Runner Up
They cancelled Friday due to weather and added a concert on Monday. But alas, I have a meeting to attend and can't attend Monday. Sad face.