Book Review: Anything Boys Can Do

July book club genre was short story, on the premise that it's summer and short stories are shorter and easier and more fun to read (?). I'm not a short story fan for the same reason I don't like watching movies - I'd rather get into a novel or a TV show and really get to know the characters, setting and story progression. Short stories, and movies, always leave me...dissatisfied.

July 2014: Short Stories

Anything Boys Can Do
By Angie Abdou
183 pages

I picked this up after a recommendation on Facebook, and since I'd read The Bone Cage by Abdou and liked it, I thought this collection of short stories would be ok. The premise sounded good: it was meant to be a collection of likeable women dealing with life and romance in a man's world.

In actuality, almost every story is about a woman who has an affair that does/does not ruin her marriage. Oh and the last story is about amateur wrestling.

Blah. Read something else.