Bike Commuting: #irideYEG

Recently, I bought a new house! It's fantastic and I love it! I also love living where I live - the neighbourhood is safe, close to all amenities and is lined with big old elm trees!

I specifically bought a house in an area that offers me non-driving commuting options. Driving in rush hour makes me angry, and parking/gas costs are ridiculous these days. I purposely bought a house a 2 minute walk away from a bus stop that will get me to work in a reasonable amount of time on a direct bus without a transfer.

But the best part about the location of my new house is that it makes it super easy for me to bike to work! It's a safe, flat, 12km round trip on quiet residential streets and I love it. Riding my bike to work has helped improve my health and fitness, saved me money, and gets me there and back without making me angry! I love it so much that I'm seriously considering becoming a year round bike commuter, which is a daunting task given our Alberta winter's but I think it'll be worth it!

This week I was featured in a post on the YEGBike blog, as part of their #irideYEG series.

I think the blog has been a great initiative used to promote cyclists in Edmonton from a human standpoint - we're not just bikes who weave in and out of traffic while complaining about crappy bike infrastructure - we're actual people who are doing our best to keep our commute eco friendly while staying fit and enjoying the beautiful scenery of our city!