Book Review: The Property

May is graphic novel month. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of graphic novels - I'd much rather read straight print, but I have really enjoyed a few out of the many I've read in the past. I also really love the Fables comic series, so even though it's not my favourite genre, I was looking forward to reading a few this month.

After taking recommendations on social media and from goodreads, I settled on not one, but three graphic novels! Here's the second of the bunch...

May 2014: Graphic Novels

The Property
By Rutu Modan
232 pages

Mica and her Grandmother are travelling from Israel to Poland to reclaim some property taken from Grandmother during World War II - and yes they are Jewish.It soon becomes clear that Grandmother has gone to Poland for a different reason, and that a family friend is trying to thwart their attempts at reclaiming their property. Mica meets a boy. Grandmother meets a man. Much is revealed about the aftermath of the devastation of World War II and it all ends satisfactorily on the airplane home. Full circle and all that.

I thought this was a great story. The colour images are not super attractive but do an excellent job at imparting meaning into the characters' dialogue. The author deals with complex issues and effectively crisscrossed a number of subplots. In the end I learned something and felt reading it was an hour well spent.

I'd highly recommend this book for those looking for a graphic novel that deals with adult themes, and those who are interested in history or the war. It's definitely worth your time!