Book Review: Anya's Ghost

May is graphic novel month. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of graphic novels - I'd much rather read straight print, but I have really enjoyed a few out of the many I've read in the past. I also really love the Fables comic series, so even though it's not my favourite genre, I was looking forward to reading a few this month.

After taking recommendations on social media and from goodreads, I settled on not one, but three graphic novels! Here's the first of the bunch...

May 2014: Graphic Novels

Anya's Ghost
By Vera Brosgol
224 pages

Anya is a not-overly-happy Russian girl going to high school in the US. As a teenager, she's full of all the usual teenage angsty problems: boys, smoking, body image, grades, friends, peer pressure, gym class. One day she falls down a well and meets a ghost! Emily the ghost follows Anya around, helping her cheat on tests and meet boys until her helping becomes hurting and [redacted climax]. Then it's over and some of Anya's problems are solved, or at least she's grown enough to face the challenges of her world.

And that is why I don't read YA.

Not like I didn't enjoy the book. The story was good, the images simple and effective, it was good. But just good. Sure I related to the character a wee bit, even as an adult, and yes I was concerned about what was going to happen but then it was over and I moved on. The end.

Out of the three graphic novels I picked up, I thought this was the weakest. But it's definitely worth a read if you like YA books and/or graphic novels!