Book Review: Come, Thou Tortoise

It's book club's two year anniversary this month. I've been with the book club less than a year, but I'm happy they've let me be a part of their group - I've really enjoyed getting back into reading and getting to know the ladies better!

For this month, we decided to re-read a book another member had read for a previous book club month. I chose to read Come, Thou Tortoise, a book read by Leah for January 2013's book club (Canadian author), which was before my time in book club.

And I certainly didn't regret the choice!

March 2014: Re-read of another club members previous book club choice (gosh I really can't figure out how to describe that better!)

Come, Thou Tortoise
By Jessica Grant
412 pages

The only words I can think of that sum up this book are "awkwardly sweet but in an awesomely quirky way", if that makes any sense!

Audrey (Oddly to her family) Flowers is an articulate woman "of low IQ". When the book opens, she is travelling from Oregon back home to Newfoundland to visit her father, who is in a coma after a freak accident. She leaves her pet tortoise behind with some friends, and henceforth the book alternates between Audrey's point of view and Winnifred, the tortoise's point of view. The book also flashes back in time to tell the story of young Audrey and her family and friends. This makes for a sweet and funny and heartbreaking but hopeful romp through Audrey's life. All the stories, combined with a few mysteries, reveal unique details about Audrey and her family.

This book has no quotation marks and makes full use of word play - which makes it cute and quirky. It can be confusing in parts about what lines are Audrey's inner voice or actual dialogue, but this wasn't a problem at all and just added to the tone of the novel. I couldn't put it down and loved it front to back. It was the perfect book for me: cute, funny, not super romancey, friendly, happy ending, hopeful, poignant - awesome.

What more is there to say - read this book! You'll fall in love with Audrey, and will get wrapped up in her world while she tries to solve the mysteries of her quirky life.