2014 Brier Canadian Men's Curling Championship: Update 4

Thursday, March 6, 2014
I had ramen for lunch and a tasty squash and zucchini for dinner. Oh yeah. There was curling.

I'll never get tired of this view. Watching 4 games during a draw at the Brier is a special thing.

Friday, March 7, 2014
Last morning of round robin play. I showed up as usual, late-ish, and caught up with one of my Wednesday Ladies league teammates who has come to watch the final weekend. It's always nice to see a familiar face!

There was no tiebreaker, so I should've gone for a long walk along the river during the long break, but instead I read, watched bad reality tv, and ate delicious lunch and dinner from my favourite food truck, Eats Amore while I dreamed about joining roller derby. I am not normal. Then it was off to the arena for an exciting 1-2 page playoff game. It's weird going from watching 4 games at once to just 1. The crowd was super loud! I was tweeting scores for the CCA twitter (hope I did ok) so I actually had to pay attention! Then it was rush downstairs to film the scrum (apparently my bum made it onto TSN, eek), edit, post. Hometime!

The last time we might see the Koe brothers side by side at the Brier??

Is this how you thought it would end up?

One of my favourite things about Kamloops has been the Eats Amore food truck. Delicious - and super nice people!! If you're local, check them out!

Beautiful view from my hotel.

Another beautiful shot later on at dusk. It's been a nice city, friendly people - I'd come back here again.

Getting ready to be piped in!

Two pipers and a Tankard!

Awesome curling hats made out of plastic party hats, duct tape, sharpie, cardboard and a nail scrubber!

The Sociables are back - always fun. Also notice the best sign in the arena tonight!

Trevor Panczak sang his curling love song "I Curl" - very clever, but I can't find it online...

Kevin Koe, ready for the semi-final tomorrow.

Jim Cotter, his first time off to a Brier final!

John Morris, pretty darn happy to be heading straight to the final!