2014 Brier Canadian Men's Curling Championship: Update 3

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Today was definitely a "middle of the event" day, and thus pretty routine. My biggest accomplishment of the day was finding some non-arena food to eat for lunch AND dinner. And we walked to dinner so that was good. Too much sitting. Too much arena food. Also I broke my almost two day doughnut free streak after they left out boxes of timbits near the media room. So close! I did have a lovely conversation with a couple derby girls from the Tournament City Derby Dolls and they convinced me I'm not too old or out of shape to join roller derby (watch for a blog post on that in the coming months...).

I spent some time today trying to figure out how to continue my volunteer involvement with the CCA. It's possible my cushy IT gig is up after this event, and I want to attend at least one even a season. I'm young, I can work, I'm pretty smart and learn quick - so I want to continue to help out to the best of my ability. I talked to someone about becoming a statistician (possibility) or an official (definitely a no go), someone else about helping with merchandise (maybe not as a supervisor but I could be a cashier, and they get paid but not necessarily accreditation to watch draws when off shift), someone else about being on the Calgary Brier organizing team (not really possible as I live in Edmonton 4 hrs away), and someone about doing some non-event time journalism. Or I could sell 50/50s (one of my favourite jobs, see here, here and here). It's all up in the air and requires a bit more thought, investigation and luck!

Highlight of the day was watching John Morris interview Greg Balsdon in the evening media scrum. Highlarious.

Pretty funny. Both guys were good sports.

Here's what a Northern Ontario moose call looks like. It's just a can with a hole cut in the top, then you pull a string/elastic/shoelace thing through it and it makes that noise you hear on tv. Moose cover optional but awesome.

Mrs. and Mr. Koe enjoying the evening draw.

Good night!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Mid week. Routine.  I took a long loopy walk downtown at dusk because I needed to get out of the arena, needed to get some fresh air, and needed to get some exercise.

I bought a really cute stained glass curling rock from a local shop. Neat find. Kamloops is a nice town. We've been trying to visit the locally owned restaurants too - people are really friendly.

It was nice to see some local business decorating their store windows Brier style!

I had a cranky sort of day. But then I remembered this is my office.

I'm completely unbiased behind the camera of course, but always appreciate the jokes and a little bit of snark!

It's hard to be grumpy when this is your view!