2014 Brier Canadian Men's Curling Championship: Update 2

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Today Kamloops looked like a different city, like any other Canadian city: covered in snow and cold. Fortunately it's not snowing in the arena, however it is pretty darn chilly! Today is also the day when I lost any concept of date/time (and it's only day 2!). That's not a bad thing though, cus it's the Brier!

I watched quite a bit of curling today, which is always a nice perk of the job, and it's the Brier so it's my favourite kind of curling. Chatted to some nice people. Worked a bit. Lunch was again from an awesome food truck here in town, Eats Amore (check them out if you're local!).

Very cleverly painted planter supporting one of the sponsors. Like a latte?

The arena isn't super full, which means I get to sit wherever I want.

Team NFLD 5th Jamie Korab trying out a pair of Zoomies (inside joke from the Trials...).

Mr. Koe is in town supporting his sons.  Gotta love his polar bear flag!

The scrum set up. I got caught this afternoon eating a doughnut instead of being ready to film, though in my defense all the reporters were MIA so it's not like I had anything to film. 

5th end break interview.

We checked out The Patch briefly, then found a salad for dinner. Watch curling. Joke around with journos. Film interviews. Edit. Post. Bedtime!!

Monday, March 3, 2014
No draw this morning so I got to sleep in (yay!). We picked up lunched and after that I watched curling. Film. Edit. Post. Repeat. There was some discussion about what we're going to do with the Olympic gold medal winners coming to town on Saturday (watch for the footage online and come on down to get their autographs!), so it'll be an exciting weekend coming up. Lot's of curling to come first though!

Technically I'm supposed to remain unbiased when I work these events, but I'm wearing this t-shirt today! This morning was the Koe vs Koe brothers game, and tonight the Alberta Koe takes on top of the leaderboard Stoughton!

TSN trucks, where all the TV magic happens.

I got to sleep in on a Monday and instead of being in my office staring at my computer, I get to look at this view. Life is good.