2014 Brier Canadian Men's Curling Championship: Update 5

Saturday, March 8, 2014
This was supposed to be a rather relaxed day of watching curling. Except the Olympic gold medalists are in town so it was chaos backstage. Fun times.

Today was the day I finally, after all these events, really truly screwed up my job. Don't ask how it happened, but I never got any video of the 3v4 Page Playoff Media Scrum. No, no babies would've died, but I always try to do my best at these event because I want to come back henceforth! Thankfully the one of the reporters helped me out and I was able to splice his audio with still photographs and my "video" turned out ok. And I'm not getting fired. Phew! (And this was after I was late for filming the Gold Medalist Media Scrum because no one told me and I hadn't plugged in the mic so we got iffy audio for the skip and then I walked out of the building without my accreditation and almost couldn't get back in. Oiy.)

Never notice this till now, hung up in the arena. Vintage!

Olympic gold medalists Team Brad Jacobs are in town. Chaos ensued.

The aforementioned Gold Medalist media scrum.

Love love love the Lego curling set! It's a complete arena with all the Brier participants, from the curlers to the TSN folks and the Sociables. Awesome awesome awesome.

I totally love it! I want a curling minifigure me!

A shot of the house from the morning 3v4 game.

This dude had a puppet, and he was treating it as a real dog half the time, like it would watch curling and talk to his wife. Weird.

No curling either.

Ready to go for the semi!

The Sociables are great for getting the crowd into it! 

Brier Bear goes curling.

Skips assume the positions.

Time out! Ready for "le boom boom?"

Sunday, March 9, 2014
Final day! It was an early wake up call for the bronze medal game thanks to Daylight Savings Time! It was a bit of a blow out game, but pretty relaxed. Then it was back to the hotel for the reception. My bad for thinking it would be like last year in Edmonton (which was low key and relaxed) - turns out it was fancyish and I didn't dress nicer or anything. Oops. Awkward. Plus I showed up right on time when really I should've been there early to get a seat? Luckily the media guys let me interlope and join their table, but still, awkward. But lunch so yay.

Then it was crazy time. The final game was sold out so I had to stand the whole game. Yay for pillars and railings to lean on! It was a bit of a blow out game too, but the crowd was really into it so it was fun. I spent the last two ends backstage trying to stay out of the way of the chaos. Volunteers, sponsors, anthem girl, ice makers, pipe band, mounties, staff, security, teams - chaos! 

As soon as the game ended we went onto the ice and filmed the scrum. I only had to hold the mic (no kneeling on the ice like in Winnipeg), but it was still pretty exciting. Then I watched a bit of the closing medal ceremonies before cutting my scrum. I thought it was really nice they let all the volunteers come out onto the ice at the end as a thank you. Edit. Post.

Pack up! More organized chaos. Honestly, I wasn't overly helpful. Home time.

What a bittersweet day. It was great watching all the action but sad too. I love being part of these events because you befriend strangers temporarily, but eventually you have to say good bye. And that's sad. Especially the CCA staff I've worked with repeatedly. Who knows when/if I'll see them again. Sad. But everyone at the event was super friendly! The whole team did a great job! And I'm sure I'll run into many of my new/old friends again down the road...

Fly on the wall at the closing reception.

Last view of the hills (and old residential school) from the highway on the way to the arena.

Ready to go for the final game!

My view from the pillar for the final (just so you know, it's much more close up than that! Silly camera focus.)

Busy. Standing room only! Sold out!

The Million Dollar draw to the button. Not quite the button for the full money, but the 12 foot for $10,000. Not bad for a new curler!

Shot of the action.

Duelling fans! It was loud in that building!

Mounties in charge of the Brier Tankard.

Granite houses.

Chaos and uniforms backstage!

Did I mention pipe band?

My view of the final scrum - John Morris

The winner and new Team Canada - Kevin Koe from Alberta!

Yay Team Alberta!

Hoisting the Tankard at the other end of the ice.

Pack up time!

The team is super efficient! It only takes a few hours.

Bye bye arena! Thanks for the memories!