Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2013 Brier Canadian Men's Curling Championship: Wrap Up & Tweets

Well, that's it, the 2013 Tim Hortons Brier is over. All I've got left to do is email a big thanks to all my volunteers and that's it for my Director experience (I think, I might have to write a report or something?). Sad.

I've already rambled on about how much I love working these events - "Yes Lisa, you love the people blah blah blah." But it's completely true: what a great week of fun filled with fantastic people! Now that it's over and real world shell shock sets in, well, all I can think about is doing it all again for the next event. It's no secret I want to get to Winnipeg for the 2013 Trials and Kamloops for the 2014 Brier - so if you live there and you've got a couch and want a low maintenance roommate for a week let me know, ha ha! I've got a few ideas about what I could do to help the CCA, and at least two backup plans. I'll be there regardless.

But would I be a volunteer Director on the local organizing committee again?

If you asked me a week before the Brier, I would've said no. I was so tired of sorting out cancelled volunteer shifts, and super stressed out about everything. I had been working pretty hard at my 1 (or 2) other real world job(s) and sometimes the pressure and extra bit of work for the Brier really drove me crazy.

And then the Brier happened and I've changed my mind. It was an awesome experience! Sure there were some hiccups, sure not all my volunteers were cheerful and happy and easy to get along with, but overall, it was a really positive and uplifting experience. So yes, in the event the CCA decides to give Edmonton another event (and I have a feeling it'll be a good few years before that happens) and if an event manager (who is willing to put up with me) asks - of course I'm going to do it again!!

As per tradition after a curling event, this post has all the tweets and links to photos from my Twitter feed, for those of you who aren't on Twitter (but mostly for me to archive). As is the norm on Twitter, all tweets are newest to oldest, so you might want to start at the bottom and scroll up.

Post Brier

Work today was overwhelming. Can we go back to happy people working together to achieve #curling event awesomeness please? #2013Brier

#2013Brier hangover. Also should probably stop answering my phone like a director expecting it to be volunteers. #embarrassing

Sunday March 10, 2013

Truce! Perhaps they missed me? (Too bad the truce lasted only as long as it took me to type this...) pic.twitter.com/PcNzq12YQz

Cute. Did you see that on TV? @SociableBrier gang just led us all in one last "Sociable!"

Jacobs is MVP. Good luck in Victoria!! #2013Brier

Darn, hoping we'd crack 200,000. “@CurlingZone: #2013Brier Attendance: 10,987 for the final, event total of 190,113! 8th best #Brier ever!”

#TSN shot of the week - NL vs QUE - Gushue triple. #2013Brier

The @SociableBrier gang just walked out on the ice?! #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/M57kx9CYTk

What a great week!! #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/FOhCx6Nr1q

It's official! Not only did I win the #JPCC #2013STOH pool - I also won the #2013Brier pool!! Hey @1CathyC, when do I pick up my trophy?!

Victory! #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/4Hek7rPmLD

Congrats to #TeamJacobs. Class act by Stoughton at the end. Represent us well at the worlds. #2013Brier

I told you there was an entire pipe band! #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/qNiHDMm1za

The NONT guys jumping into the crowd to hug relatives! #2013Brier

That's the Northern Ontario moose call. “@Sperounes: Is there a seal in Rexall Place? #2013brier”

Tankard being piped out during commercial break. #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/H5rYvdOxgR

Awww, thanks! “@mikejakel: @lisamchuk thank you. Great sport is even better with people like you who help make it what it is.”

All done (unless someone tells me otherwise) my #2013Brier volunteer director duties. Worked hard, had tons of fun, sad it's over!

My awesome program sellers sold 3129 programs! Yeehaw! #2013Brier

Entire pipe band backstage... #2013Brier

Let's do this! #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/fu6qai3gLC

Buy a 50/50 ticket! They're doing 1 draw for the final pot and 1 draw for the unclaimed $41,000 from

Already in teardown mode. Sad. Don't want it to be over. #2013Brier

@LEGO_Curling Awesome Lego @ #2013Brier! I need to figure out how to make a mini figure curler of me haha! #inspiring

Ha ha @SociableBrier enter arena & everyone claps. Confuses the curlers "Why are they cheering the guard?" #2013Brier #crowdlovessociables

Sunday: the day I sadly say goodbye to all my wonderful volunteers. It's was an awesome event and I made some fantastic friends! #2013Brier

Sports. So very unpredictable. #2013Brier

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Met @PhotoVagrant again - thanks for taking photos of me all week! #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/hy82dgAb4j

So this happened. #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/McGn24Fipi

Want! #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/Km0hsNkfpL

Best media contribution: Larry Wood #2013Brier

Best #curling story of the year @curling Kevin Palmer. #2013Brier

Ross Harstone Award for Sportsmanship: Paul Flemming #2013Brier #votedbyplayers

All star first team: Nichols, Laing, Middaugh, Howard #2013Brier #ONnoshow #sleeping

All star second team: Savill, Kennedy, Mead, Gushue #2013Brier #ONnoshow #sleeping

They let me attend the closing reception! Will tweet the all star teams... #2013Brier

Guys beside us just started the wave They are sooooo excited. #2013Brier

36! 36 programs away from seller 3000! If everyone at #2013Brier buys one tomorrow we're good.

Breaking News: my program sales team is 84 programs away from selling 3000! My volunteers rock!

What I learned @ #2013Brier: you can drive from Grande Prairie to Los Angeles without hitting any traffic lights. #dinnerconversation

Tim Hortons took over the usual Rexall coffee shop this week and we thank them for doing so! #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/OopCFmyAm2

Saturday: the day I try to get our program sales up to 3000 and discuss takedown procedures. #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/kdd9SGrsEv

Friday, March 8, 2013

"Please stop spending all your time at the #2013Brier - you missed our dinner and I'm soooo hungry." pic.twitter.com/Pml6brwIBy

Let's all look at the bright side of the no tiebreaker situation: I don't have to get up at 5:30am. #2013Brier

Picked a good game to stay till the end for! #2013Brier #playoffdrama

Why can't we go in there? #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/lPZbdqOffp

There's more than doughnuts in the volunteer lounge. #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/NWJQy5laMj

Friday: the day when I simultaneously want #2013Brier to go on forever and be over now. #loveit #lovelypeople #needgroceries #catsmissme

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Trying to sort out what to do for 2013/2014 @CCACurling events I want to be at. 50/50? Cashier? IT? Media? Who wants me? #highestbidder

One of my volunteers is carrying the NB flag, another one is singing the anthem. I'm so proud! #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/UPuz5Ec1Ok

Thursday: the day when my all volunteers develop bad backs/knees/coughs/stomachs/headaches. #stilllovethem #2013Brier

Not even watching games. Most of @SociableBrier Waldos are hanging out with the crazy school kids and it's loud & hilarious. #2013Brier

One of the @SociableBrier Where's Waldo guys is up in the section with all the school kids. Kids are soooo excited!! #2013Brier

So apparently I'm running away with the #JPCC #2013Brier pool. Told @1CathyC I want a trophy if I win both pools!

Beat the Tim Hortons delivery to the arena. #tooearly #2013Brier

Up so early even the cats are still sleeping. #tooearly #2013Brier

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Loving the #2013Brier experience. Not loving my wake up call for the rest of the event. pic.twitter.com/FWxtXunP5e

So. Carrying a flag was cool. Didn't trip. Looked terrified. Got some photos from @PhotoVagrant & @ferguson8610. #2013Brier

Hanging out with pipers and other volunteer flag folks. Ridiculously excited to carry in a flag! #2013Brier

But here's my view now so who cares about real life work this week! #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/BJ8OVEZD2I

Wednesday: the day I do real life work for 3hrs & get a wee bit annoyed at missing out on a work opportunity while on vacation. #2013Brier

That's me! How do I claim my prize @edmontonjournal? “@neilp316: @lisamchuk The fan picture of the day. pic.twitter.com/pwxNd6wcFP

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday: the day when I forget what I did for a job in real life. #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/ds2wPyzGIm

Monday, March 4, 2013

Apparently I'm leading the #JPCC #2013Brier pool. And since I won the #2013STOH pool apparently it's rigged. Stupid luck this year!

Here's where we're at - surprised? #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/9AtcWYUkOO

I love walking around Rexall like I own the place!! #2013Brier #powertrip

Finally sat down to watch. #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/8RfvvkN78l

Monday: the day when I am thankful there is no morning draw. #2013Brier #precioussleep

Sunday, March 3, 2013

There, I actually did it. I turned off my work email on my phone. I am on vacation for real now!! #2013Brier #longerhoursthanatwork #loveit

Finally met @PhotoVagrant in person! #2013Brier

Hey @CCACurling - where is the Ontario flag guy? #2013Brier

Attention Rexall! I have lost a program seller. If you see an elderly gentleman wandering around send him to stairs 234! #2013Brier

Learning that everyone has a story. I love #curling volunteers! #2013Brier

Finally got a chance to update about the past couple days of my #2013Brier adventure! #curling http://make-it-known.blogspot.ca/2013/03/2013-brier-canadian-mens-curling.html

Hey @CCACurling - my program sales bankers love the iPhone app!! They're using it to keep track of scores in our banking room! #2013Brier

Bring your radio to the #2013Brier! TSN commentary is on 93.1!

The only bad part about my #2013Brier gig: my alarm went off at 5:15am.

Saturday March 2, 2013

Interesting. #equalizer “@edmontonjournal: Spanking new stones throw Brier curlers for a loop http://edmjr.nl/ZXnicd  #2013brier”

Bought me a present! #2013Brier #awesome pic.twitter.com/XnGKgf6L6L

How do I get a "Keep Calm and Koe On" tshirt?? #2013Brier

Finally watching some #curling! #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/Nblh68YtEw

Weather now says heavy snow and cold. The @CCACurling must be in town. #2009Roar #2011ContCup #2013Brier

Jean Bryski won the Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal for being a super volunteer. Remember this: http://www.curling.ca/blog/2012/02/26/scotties-spotlight-the-homestretch pic.twitter.com/KTrTf2yFqJ
So @Leftykenbear just won the Hot Shots! Middaugh second, Gallant third. #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/h5B7Cubbma

Dave & Heather Nedohin's daughter Hailee (sp?) just did a fantastic job of the anthem!! #2013Brier

Past Brier Champions walked across the arena - from Matt Baldwin until now. Followed by all teams of the #2013Brier! #tearinmyeye

Opening ceremonies pipe band. #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/RnB1bvkTeM
Program sales in full swing. Everything running smoothly. Had I known it would be fine I might've gotten some sleep last night! #2013Brier

Friday, March 1, 2013

Volunteer Appreciation Party - check. Fun had by all - check. Now let's start the big show! #2013Brier

Went on a shopping trip for Patch supplies. Picture the weird looks we got for buying 17 toolboxes! #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/SJbg9rBDri
Hot shots going on at Rexall. Why aren't you here - it's free!! #2013Brier

Awww! “@edmontonjournal: Video: New Life for Old Curling Broom – 2013 Tim Hortons Brier http://edmjr.nl/Xp5faY  #2013brier”

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Was about to head home, but they're rehearsing opening ceremonies and I'm a sucker for bagpipes! #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/JaiWAvg5l4
Can't have the #2013Brier without these - the rocks are waiting patiently in those boxes! pic.twitter.com/KSTvMFzNuZ

People working hard to set up the #2013Brier! Decorated #curling rocks made from succulents - watch for them on tv! pic.twitter.com/zHtdFXrNNQ
In the bowels of Rexall, unpacking the stores. #2013Brier pic.twitter.com/lofoK65gGv
It's go time! #2013Brier #setupday pic.twitter.com/QU6xYUH7x0

The week before the Brier

Cool! MT @edmontonjournal: Timelapse Rexall Place transforms from Oilers to 2013 Brier http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/curling/brier2013/Timelapse+Oilers+curling+rink+2013+Brier/8026165/story.html … #curling #2013Brier

Just found out I get to carry in the flag for Team ON @howardfour & @CraigSavill a couple times next week! SO EXCITED! #favteam #2013brier

Almost time! “@trinajoly: It's like Christmas for this girl, lucky to have the job I do! #2013Brier #yougottabethere pic.twitter.com/fWeIhWv7ny

All of a sudden, instead of being nervous about being a Director, I just got SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THE BRIER!! #2013Brier #curling #bringiton

It's possible that in an effort to avoid real life I just applied to sell 50/50s @ 2013 Roar in Winnipeg & 2014 Brier in Kamloops. Oops.

Last round of cashier interviews for the #2013Brier. Job hunters: if you can't make an interview call to cancel - don't stand me up!!

Only a few more days!! #2013Brier #curling pic.twitter.com/TnMFut0kUa
Big #curling event coming up that requires many hours and much hard work = just caught a cold. It's like Moose Jaw all over again! #grrargh

Exciting! #2013Brier “@ryandittrick: Rexall Place is becoming a #curling rink right before our eyes. pic.twitter.com/aPpjqG2kIV

Done #2013Brier cashier interviews (for now) and onto bulk barn to buy candy for my hard working volunteers! Less than a week to go!

2013 Brier Canadian Men's Curling Championship: Update 3

Thursday, March 7, 2013
Alarm went off at 5:30am. So early. Supervise program sales. Check on merchandising volunteers. Say hi to old CCA friends. Watch curling. Bedtime.

One of my volunteers is carrying the NB flag, another one is singing the anthem. I'm so proud!

Friday, March 8, 2013
One of my fantastic bankers took charge of a key and let me sleep in instead of hanging out for the morning draw! Otherwise today was much like yesterday. Work some. Chat to volunteers. Watch curling.

I'll say it again: my favourite part of this event has been chatting to and getting to know better all of my volunteers. Curling volunteers are genuinely lovely people!

All the volunteers are collaborating on a present for the winning team.

For the first time this week I actually stayed until the end of the evening draw - and it was ridiculous! Alberta (hometown favourite) was sooo close to a tiebreaker and everyone was watching the other games as they mattered to Alberta and there was cheering and jeering and booing (bad manners curling fans!) and it was sooo exciting.

In the end there were no tiebreakers and we all get to sleep in tomorrow!

Saturday, March 9, 2013
Short day. Unpredictable finishes to games for sure! We were so close to selling 3000 programs!

Page Playoff 1vs2 set the schedule for the weekend.

I watched the last game with my boyfriend and a friend then headed to the Closing Reception. I've never been to a closing reception, so I figured I should take this director's privilege! All the curlers and families and media and organizing committee and other VIPs were there. There was some nibbley food and some beverages and some speeches. They announced the All Star teams (half of whom were sleeping to prepare for tomorrow's game) and that was that. I'm not a schmoozer, nor do I make small talk with rock stars, so I headed over to the patch to meet the boys.

I don't drink so don't usually go to the Patch but it was fun times on a Saturday night. The band (Hey Romeo) had the crowd up and the beer seemed to be quite popular. The fun part was seeing the Lego Curling set - made by one guy for about $1700 and he just travels around to the events with it. It's awesome. I want a mini figure of me curling!! It is so darn cute! The also had a photo booth where you could wear vintage curling sweaters and pose with some corn brooms. So I see why the Patch is so popular. Fun times.

Hard to take a good photo - it's so big and the lighting was bad. Take my word for it - it's awesome!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013
Last day. Disappointing finishes depending on who you cheer for. Must sell 3000 programs! In the end we managed to sell 3129 - my volunteers did such a fantastic job and we met all our quotas.

We were in takedown mode pretty early. By 8pm we had all the unsold programs moved down to the event office, all our supplies redistributed, our deposits and accounts handed off and our seller prizes given out. In the end we watch the last half of the final. Interesting finish, eh?

Teams Manitoba and Northern Ontario walk out for the final. 

A pipe band! Gotta love the closing ceremonies.

Northern Ontario for the win!

The Sociables join all the medal winning teams for one last "Sociables!" cheer.

The last day is always bittersweet. It was sad to say goodbye to all my really great volunteers and my CCA friends. I really enjoyed working with everyone, made some new friends, and got to know others better. Who knows if/when I'll see folks again, so yes, the last day is always sad. Sure, I wont have to eat arena food, or stand on concrete all day, or wake up super early, or endure my messy-no-groceries-need-to-do-laundry condo, and my cats missed me...but working a curling event is something else. I'm going to miss everything about it!!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

2013 Brier Canadian Men's Curling Championship: Update 2

I miss writing daily posts from the curling world - mostly because I've forgotten what I've done over the past four days!

Sunday, March 3, 2013
Up early. I am not a morning person. In fact, I think volunteering for curling events would be just about perfect if I didn't have to get to the arena before 10am! It was our first 3 draw day so we were still going through some growing pains, but as usual everyone has been super nice to work with. The program sales bankers are starting to develop routines and the sellers are starting to know what's what so everything is running smoothly. And my merchandising volunteers are mostly showing up at the right store at the right time so it's mostly working well.

Today I learned everyone has a story. I spent a good part of my day just talking to people - mostly my bankers - learning more about them and their lives. That's why I love these events: the people are just fantastic. Yes, I had a few complaints from volunteers today ("Why don't we get free parking?" "This job is boring!" "Volunteers get no perks!" - Seriously? You get to watch free curling!) but mostly everyone is having fun. For every complaint I took today, I had three times as many people say they were having so much fun. So that's that.

My volunteers are lovely, mostly lovely older ladies and gentleman. Tonight we had a bit of excitement - we lost a volunteer. He perhaps used to remember things better in his younger years, and had a hard time figuring out where out office was. I can't blame him: it's a maze backstage with all the stairwells. We did find him eventually, and will employ the buddy system going forward. Who knew I'd be dealing with something like this!

Monday, March 4, 2013
Yay for no morning draw! Yay for sleep! Yay for talking to lovely volunteers. Yay for dinner with a friend! Yay for meeting old friends! Yay for meeting twitter friends in real life! Yay for watching curling!

A tilty skip photo.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013
Ditto yesterday.

My favourite view.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Ditto yesterday.

Apparently my photo from yesterday made it in to the Edmonton Journal newspaper! Thanks @neilp316 for the heads up!

Another tilty skip photo. Seems to be the thing to do.

We're getting to the point of the week where the volunteers (myself included) show up early for their shifts just to chat to each other. Or they show up if they're not scheduled to work and offer to work just so they can be a part of it all. Or they start asking how they can sign up for the Winnipeg trials (which has already closed volunteer recruitment because it's full). They are so lovely!

I'm also thinking about how I'm going to get to Winnipeg to volunteer for the trials or to Kamloops for the Brier next year. I'm already signed up to do 50/50 tentatively for both, but have decided maybe I could work as a store cashier to pay off some of my hotel/flight costs. I'm also trying to get on with media or IT to do what I've done before if they need me. It's contagious. You think we're all crazy? Come volunteer for a curling event, then you'll realize why we do this!

Today was an exciting day because I got to carry in the flag during the evening draw for my favourite team - Ontario. I showed up at the ceremonies office at the designated time. And waited. And waited. Eventually we were told what to do, which was quite complicated at first. Hold the flag like this. Walk here. Stop here. Wait here. Eventually I got my flag and sign to give to the coach (or 5th in my case, he said the coach wouldn't carry the sign) and lined up backstage. The teams came out, but as I've mentioned before I don't talk to rock stars, and they were all watching the NHL hockey game that was on the tv back there anyways. 

I was really nervous - what if I tripped? What if I dropped the flag? What if I didn't go to the right place? But then the pipers start up and it all just happened. It was really cool to walk out on the ice so to speak. There is quite the view from down there. The crowd is clapping and cheering and everything was a bit of a blur. The anthem got sung. The 5th handed me back the sign and that was that. Done. Right before I went out I ran into a photographer I knew from twitter and he said I should smile and he'd take a picture of me - which he did but I mostly looked terrified ha ha. My boyfriend took one from the crowd too, so that was nice. Good memories.

Photo by @ferguson8610

Yep, I look terrified! I'm actually looking at the person across the rink from me who is holding the BC flag. We're supposed to keep level. Photo by Anil Mungal (@PhotoVagrant)

My favourite shot! Photo by Anil Mungal (@PhotoVagrant)

Sunday, March 03, 2013

2013 Brier Canadian Men's Curling Championship: Update 1

Usually I write a daily recap when I'm volunteering at curling events, but this year, as I'm a volunteer Director, I don't have quite have time. So here's a bit about what I've been doing!

Thursday February 28 - Set Up.
I met six of my merchandising volunteers (after a big snafu getting into the building) for merchandising set up. We were met by the manager of merchandising, who took us well into the bowels of Rexall to where they had unloaded the pallets of merchandising. I've been backstage at Rexall before, but this was something else! Huge bags of popcorn ready for the garbage. Kegs kegs kegs and more kegs. Kitchens. Narrow hallways. Floor to ceiling cages of...stuff. And half a dozen pallets of items to sell in the Brier stores, tucked into corner amongst all the other boxes of...stuff.

First we unloaded the pallets, splitting the boxes into the North Store and the South Store - thankfully the boxes were mostly clearly marked. Then we opened the boxes that had clothing in them (as opposed to mugs, golf balls, pins, yadda yadda yadda) and hung the clothing on rolling racks by gender and size. And then it was time to send the volunteers home for lunch! I went for lunch with the two merchandising supervisors (one of whom remembered me from the trials in 2009!), and then helped for another hour when the cashiers I hired showed up to help with more unpacking.

In the bowels of Rexall, unpacking the stores.

Can't have the Brier without the (new and controversial!) rocks!

I met up with the CCA event accountant and discussed the program sales set up, moved some boxes, and then trained the program sales bankers. Learning curve much? Actually, it's not that complicated, and we sorted out a lot including schedules and job descriptions etc. After training, the bankers and I - with the help of a couple stolen carts - moved 4000 programs from the loading ramp up to the program sales room. My bankers are an awesome group and I'm confident they are going to do a fantastic job!

On my way home, I heard bagpipes, so I sat down to watch the dress rehearsal of opening ceremonies. Sore feet. Home time. Hungry kitties waiting for me. The end.

Friday March 1 - Hot Shots
I've been waiting for a long time to watch a Hot Shots competition, and I even meant to get down to Rexall at a reasonable time to watch but alas, it was not to be. Mostly because I slept in a got lazy. I did come down to the venue to meet the my CCA accountant friend and we sorted out a safe snafu. Then we took a field trip to Canadian Tire to buy 17 toolboxes (to hold Patch drink tickets). Imagine the looks two girls got while wheeling out a cart full of 17 toolboxes! After that we cut holes in the boxes and labelled locks - all very glamourous.

Shopping trip!

Friday night was the volunteer appreciation dinner. This was the first time I've attended, as this is the first time I've known other volunteers. It was nice to sit with a bunch of friends! The dinner was nice, followed by one of the bands and the usually goofy games and door prizes. I left before the teams came in to be introduced, but I gather it was quite a party!

Saturday March 2
Today was out first full day, but it was a weird day because it started with the Opening Ceremonies and the Hot Shots final. It was the first day for program sellers - and my bad I didn't schedule a full compliment for the opening ceremonies - and good grief were they every slammed! Lesson learned for next time.

This is Jean Bryski. She is a super volunteer. I wrote about her when I was working at the 2012 Scotties. She is a super volunteer. Her son nominated her for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal for her volunteering and leadership efforts, and asked if he could use the article as part of the nomination package. And she won! She is lovely, and was proud to show off her medal (after I begged to see it). I'm glad I got to catch up with her, and am sure I'll see her again down the road!

We were busy all day sorting out sellers, cashing them in and balancing deposits, although when I say we I mean my awesome crew of bankers. I'm just 'supervising'! It was a learning curve for us all today! I managed to get around to check in with my merchandising volunteers, grab a quick lunch in the sponsors lounge and repeat!

Taking in some of the action.

I actually watched a bit of curling during the evening draw with my boyfriend. The view was great but I was super tired and couldn't concentrate on any game too long. Twitter told me we were sitting near the guy who was selling "Keep Calm and Koe On" tshirts - so I bought one! Awesome!

The snow was falling but I managed to get out of the parking lot before the rush. Four hours sleep and back at it!