2013 Roar of the Rings: Wrap Up & Tweets

Here's my usual wrap up post!

So did I meet my goals for the week?
  1. Learn a new skill. Check! I relearned how to use iMovie and the video camera. I also learned how to splice audio/video and how to handle myself in a big media scrum (sort of).
  2. Not get fired. Well, hopefully. Time will tell but for now it sounds like I'm still going to the Brier in Kamloops. After that it's all up in the air, although there are some events coming to Alberta so I'll still try go even if I have to volunteer ("50/50s, buy your 50/50s here!").
  3. Meet new people. Yep! I said a quick hello to Lisa Weagle (@ottgal) and @ottguy. I worked with @inglisdanielle and @leftbutton all week - they're superstars!
  4. Meet up with old friends. Done! I caught up with my merchandising folks, and had plenty of time to chat with my favourite CCA people.
  5. Take a picture of Ron Burgundy to post to twitter. Check!
  6. Limit the libraryland work I do. Yeah, I didn't work too hard!
  7. Buy a FM scan radio. No. The signal was working, then it wasn't working. But I listened to my borrowed radio during the final weekend.
  8. Tweet up a storm! As always!
  9. Watch Storage Wars. And Duck Dynasty and Say Yes to the Dress.
  10. Not get fat. I limited myself to one doughnut or muffin a day. It's a start.
And would I do this again. Of course. Honestly, these events aren't as fun and glamorous for me as they used to be, and this was a really long week. But I still love the people, and I still love the game, and when given the opportunity, I'm ready to work and be part of these special events. Here's hoping I get to a couple Alberta events during the 2014-15 season and onwards!

Below are all the tweets I posted in case you want to catch up (or you're me and you want to archive this...). As per twitter, newest is first.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Landed in #yeg! With luggage! And my car started! #homesweethome

Well hallelujah I have a seat on the plane! Why the runaround? Hope my luggage makes it. Never again @AirCanada.

Just told by @AirCanada they don't assign some seats so they can balance weight. Seriously?! Just assign me a seat please! #wokeupat4am

But Ferbey is also on standby. Makes me feel slightly better. I bet he gets on though. I'm not famous.

.@AirCanada agent: "You're not on standby. Your luggage is on standby." Still don't understand why
I'm on standby if I paid and checked in??

Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's all over. #rotr pic.twitter.com/Fkf1ClrSxz

Under 2hr take down! @NHLJets play here on Tuesday! #rotr pic.twitter.com/L3vtfBymED
Fancy new jackets! #rotr pic.twitter.com/4MiF7Hssgd
And here's Team Canada! #ROTR pic.twitter.com/zmNXmoyXGv
Again, my wait for the final shot. Can already hear the pipers... #rotr pic.twitter.com/eZjNUBC6Fn
Applause you just heard was for @TeamJJonesCurl who just sat down in the arena. #rotr #fancyCanadajackets

Front row seat as @BryanMudryk interviews @BalGosal. Great for the sport! #rotr pic.twitter.com/zi6P51IoWv

Should be a good game! #rotr pic.twitter.com/8kaRwOWsu8
Here we go! #rotr pic.twitter.com/CTXfrgBJuq
Apparently GTE means @AirCanada will assign my seat at their gate. Likelihood of getting bumped is huge.
Just checked in for my @AirCanada flight tomorrow am - seat is "GTE". What does that mean? Is that bad???

Saturday, December 7, 2013

This was the view I meant. #rotr pic.twitter.com/o2LzVErTqq

Team Canada! #rotr pic.twitter.com/og3TjrySLH

Just spent a scrum on the ice kneeling under the rest of the cameras/microphones holding a mic. Weird angle for the excitement haha. #rotr

My new view of the final. #rotr #whatisgoingon pic.twitter.com/WoOqZOO20E

I guess this is where I'm standing for the rest of the game... #rotr pic.twitter.com/0EvEngukAB

Finals scrums are on the ice. I'm going to stress about that all weekend. #ROTR

Men's semi. #rotr pic.twitter.com/Me68r4Jh4a

And me in the background taking a photo of “@BryanMudryk: A few big deals... pic.twitter.com/B7ZB76mkHG

Reps from *redacted* city getting a tour backstage, prepping for a bid for 2017 trials. #yougottabethere #rotr

Men's semi - let's go! #rotr #bestcommentatorsever pic.twitter.com/3xE9K0XUZo

Friday, December 6, 2013

Here's my recap of the week days during the #rotr... http://make-it-known.blogspot.ca/2013/12/2013-roar-of-rings-during-week.html

Introducing the 2014 Canadian Paralympic wheelchair curling team to the #rotr crowd! Standing ovation! pic.twitter.com/v8zAEkOzdf

I made this! “@CCACurling: Curling Goes Social: Tweet Hard! http://www.curling.ca/curlingtv/2013/12/06/curling-goes-social-tweet-hard/ … #socialmedia #curling @TeamHoman @inglisdanielle @ottguy”

Work. Lunch. Now women's tiebreaker. #rotr pic.twitter.com/KDKNxrvcya

Again, the 2014 Canadian Paralympic wheelchair curling team! pic.twitter.com/6yTXbwhHVu

...Sonja Gaudet (Lead), Ina Forrest (Second), Dennis Thiessen (Third), Jim Armstrong (Skip), Mark Ideson (Alternate), Joe Rea (Coach)

Your 2014 Canadian Paralympic wheelchair curling team! pic.twitter.com/Fcz7599HOg

So this is where I'd sit if I was in the NHL... pic.twitter.com/EzBjdBLdCP

We're waiting to film the announcement of the 2014 Paralympic wheelchair #curling team! pic.twitter.com/KrUC7wtVHU

View from the Press Box! #rotr pic.twitter.com/uxvrwUdEzy

Did y'all see Howard's last shot? Awesome! #rotr

Watching the last round robin game. I love watching multiple sheets at once! #rotr #untilnexttime pic.twitter.com/2E6Wx1seo5

Now they've got both 5ths playing in the Stoughton/Howard game. Looks like a pretty friendly game. #rotr

It appears Jeff Stoughton has put on a goofy hat. Spin-a-rama coming up this game? #rotr pic.twitter.com/PbAr647Tcz

Good times for #yeg weather. My poor car has been out at the airport for a week. Anyone know if @jetSet_Parking offers battery boosts?!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

View from the media bench. Wish I was actual media, that's a pretty sweet view! #rotr pic.twitter.com/tow0BzpcUO

Currently discussing crazy tiebreaker scenarios. No one is getting any sleep tonight!! #rotr

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I think I only watched like 10mins of actual curling today. #rotr #busy pic.twitter.com/O9Ba4Vkwwf

Met @ottguy! He's the super tweeter for the @TeamHoman account. Watch out for him on the tv! #rotr

Marc is telling us the story of Kevin's back trouble in Saskatoon. Fun-ny! #offcamera #rotr pic.twitter.com/y9JlNVqXca

A rare specimen - a non skip in the scrum! #ROTR pic.twitter.com/Nv33OxB6KV

In case you're curious... #rotr pic.twitter.com/ARgZoGN1pg

Can you spot my hand holding the mic? “@CCACurling: Jeff in the media scrum after a victory over Team Koe #ROTR pic.twitter.com/RlVAGe6J7g

And the view from ice level. #rotr pic.twitter.com/1sKbsGkNJb

The view from above... #ROTR pic.twitter.com/5mX3RStLdR

Well who would have thought this would be Wednesday's standings? #rotr pic.twitter.com/3LGgKz8Ozw

Winnipeg is just getting that snowstorm that hit Edmonton earlier in the week. Yay for pedways! No need for me to go outside ever! #rotr

Is there an important game on or something? Double the fancy cameras in the scrum area as usual! #rotr

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Three days hanging out with media guys. Very interesting. Learning lots. #flyonthewall #ROTR

I think we need an Alberta version of this #curling licence plate! #ROTR pic.twitter.com/IC8oY1vpp4

Sneaky ice maker interview until rest of play is done. Did you know Hans is off to Sochi? #rotr pic.twitter.com/1NxnKi9pDt

Getting up in the stands to watch more games today! #ROTR pic.twitter.com/r0rsmB8cg2

Monday, December 2, 2013

Caught! #oops “@CherylM21: “@1CathyC: Hey there's @lisamchuk behind the action. pic.twitter.com/FfXPh4E8pi” Celebrity #ROTR sightings :)”

Would this happen in any other sport? TSN camera guy teaching the junior star how to work the camera. Now he's touring the booth. #rotr

I'm finally going to watch some #curling! #rotr pic.twitter.com/lYyNHpkDD4

I love how the other media camera guys just assume I know what I'm doing! #fraud #rotr

My recap of yesterday's #curling circus: http://make-it-known.blogspot.ca/2013/12/2013-roar-of-rings-day-1.html #rotr

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Remember that fuss about finding a radio so I could listen to curling commentary in the arena? No one can get the FM signal to work. #rotr

We're sharing our work space with the artists. It's fascinating to learn how the paintings come together! #rotr pic.twitter.com/4pHKA0fndb

This is my job for the week! #rotr pic.twitter.com/2vwOJHtl3b

Watching my first ends of the event. Jules Owchar sitting in front of me, scouting rocks. Good crowd here. #rotr pic.twitter.com/A2Ei5knqFP

My prestigious view of the Ron Burgundy TSN commentary. Very prestigious. #rotr pic.twitter.com/j1LD8KuqlQ

Ron Burgundy media scrum. Watch for video later. Pretty funny. #ROTR pic.twitter.com/rTzTsEh7HH

Here's my recap of the last few days at the #rotr http://make-it-known.blogspot.ca/2013/12/2013-roar-of-rings-set-up.html

Bagpipers warming up in our hallway! #rotr #ilovebagpipes pic.twitter.com/BNu8FnlFJw

OH "Why Team Howard? It's not like this is Winnipeg." "They requested Howard." #rotr
And a photo with the commentators and TSN bosses. #rotr pic.twitter.com/2DHtPsmLey

Howard gave Ron Burgundy a Team Howard Weedman jacket. #rotr pic.twitter.com/X1DN0ofJUF

Howard just taught Ron Burgundy how to throw. Made it to the house! #rotr pic.twitter.com/QqaehSD89E

Lots of men's teams out watching. #rotr pic.twitter.com/t94WtKNf7N

Ron Burgundy on the ice! Interviewing Team Howard and eating doughnuts. #Rotr pic.twitter.com/yLDVrXHjhy

Too close to tell! #rotr pic.twitter.com/g3XYj8lgSJ

First rock sweepers Amy Nixon/Corrie Morris/Colin Mitchell/Mark Nichols & Carter Rycroft/Ben Hebert/Mark Kenendy/John Morris. #rotr

First rocks: Russ Howard/Linda Moore holding the broom and Brad Gushue/Kevin Martin throwing the rocks. #rotr

Banner going up. #ROTR pic.twitter.com/VJbVKKYX5P

The rainbow of teams! #rotr pic.twitter.com/hDL0hXiBXr

Pipe band!!! #ROTR #ilovebagpipes pic.twitter.com/CVyzFFuVPW

All ready to go for the opening ceremonies! #rotr pic.twitter.com/BvlgdQ7yJO

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Honouring past Olympians. At least one from every team are in the house tonight! #ROTR pic.twitter.com/YAZj47SbeM

Dessert! #ROTR #curling pic.twitter.com/YLMFMz0oxq

Rainbow of uniforms in this room! Check them out on tv tomorrow! #ROTR pic.twitter.com/ruhlU6yeoc

They let me go to the opening banquet! #flyonthewall #ROTR

Also held a medal from Vancouver 2010 Olympics! They're heavy! #ROTR pic.twitter.com/IKI1N2I6zj

Took a walk around FanFest! #ROTR pic.twitter.com/blkYtrHwgs

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Patch, boring and empty. Until tomorrow night... #ROTR pic.twitter.com/0cMMJLGbZl

Found a slightly more interesting hallway under the @mtscentre. Will have to buy a @NHLJets tshirt before I go home! pic.twitter.com/QsOrVcLDnZ

It's not really that exciting in the bowels of @mtscentre. Also very confusing. How do I get out... #rotr pic.twitter.com/UMjXpI2t2N

Gary says keep out of our office!! #rotr pic.twitter.com/NkbPmY08A9

My first view of the ice @mtscentre! #rotr pic.twitter.com/DVvHK6TH4S

Sounds like all the curlers are landing in Winnipeg now. Hope my ride to the hotel doesn't leave w/out me! #curlersfirst #imnotfamous #rotr

Winnipeg bound Friday morning! Here are my goals for my vacation at the #rotr #curling: http://make-it-known.blogspot.ca/2013/11/2013-roar-of-rings-goals-for-week.html