2013 Roar of the Rings - During the Week

Day 2 - Monday, December 2, 2013
Pretty routine day. Arrive for the 5th end break of the morning draw. Tie up yesterday's loose ends. Almost miss the first interview after early handshakes. Set up the camera, screw up the white balance. Loiter in the scrum room pretending to be a cameraman. Film a scrum. Edit. Eat. Listen to the IT crew's game of dueling youtube videos. Watch some curling. Film a scrum. Edit. Dinner. Walk to the Patch and back to walk off dinner. Watch some curling. Film a scrum. Hotel. Tv. Blog. Sleep.

I finally got to watch some curling in the arena today! Here's a shot of the men's afternoon draw.

Day 3 - Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Repeat. Except I was late for the last scrum because I was loitering in the media lounge talking to the Morning Roar reporter, keeping an eye on the CTV guys, hoping they would leave on time. Oops. Today was sort of not my day I guess. It has been interesting hanging out with the media guys. I'm learning stuff. I feel like a fraud and I'm not sure I'm commanding any sort of respect, but it's been interesting.

The media scrum area, aka where I stand with the rest of the cameramen and reporters filming the scrums. I'm enjoying hanging out in there. Learning lots.

Manitobans can buy a curling licence plate. I wish Alberta did more cool stuff like this!

Day 4 - Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Repeat. Today I met @ottguy and we shot a social media interview thingy. I watched like 10 minutes of curling. But there was pizza so it's all good.

Sometimes it's pretty cool I get to stand here and watch for 5 mins.

The view from the top of the arena.

In case you were wondering who gets what rock, here's your low tech signage.

Marc Kennedy told us an awesome story off camera. High-larious.

Thursday, December 5, 2013
Repeat. The real excitement of the day was waiting to find out about crazy women's tiebreakers. There was a good chance there would need to be 2-3 tiebreaker games, which would've been played from 10pm-1am, and then from 2am-5am, with the next men's draw starting at 8:30am. And no one wants to work through the night! It went down to the wire, but thankfully there was only 1 game necessary, which is on Friday afternoon at a most civilized time. Stresssssssful!

I wish I was actually real media so I could watch the action from the media bench. What a view!