2013 Roar of the Rings - Day 1

It was an exciting day here at the MTS Centre - Ron Burgundy came for a visit. This was a big deal. Much excitement and anxiety was shared by all backstage.

We arrived at the arena in the early morning. I posted the video I had edited yesterday, then tried to stay out of the way of the Burgundy circus. I watched the Opening Ceremonies with the crowd, then watched Burgundy do a scene with Team Howard. Later, I snuck into the Burgundy media scrum. Much joking ensued. I watched the first bit of the game from our office backstage - ok, I'll admit, getting Ron Burgundy in the commentator booth was pretty funny! He bantered with Vic, Linda and Rus for two ends, and then that was that. After getting familiar with the media scrum set up, I watched a couple ends of the first women's draw. Then, it was scrum frenzy time! The first video took me awhile to edit as I'm still working on that learning curve, but I'll be a pro by Tuesday!

I like the rainbow of colours on players' uniforms for this event.

Ron Burgundy talks to Team Howard. The Burgundy group chose Team Howard for whatever reason.

Glenn Howard taught Ron Burgundy how to curl. He made it to the house on his first throw.

Ron Burgundy takes a photo with the real commentators.

This is as close as I got to Anchorman.

Some snapshots from the Ron Burgundy media scrum. All the player's scrums take place in another room. They moved this one to the Player's lounge because it's a bigger space. Initially, someone tried to kick Jim Cotter out of the room, when in fact he was the only one there that had the correct accreditation. I found that funnier than Burgundy's spiel. I will say though, it was pretty exciting to have him around for a few hours. I hope this brings new viewers to my favourite sport!

Also watch the TSN footage of Ron Burgundy's visit, and his 2 end commentating gig.

The 5 minutes of curling I watched today. Jules Owchar was sitting in front of me, scouting rocks.

My view from behind the camera. It's pretty interesting being a fly on the wall with all that media around. I'm learning stuff. (One of these days I'll learn how to set the white balance properly on the camera!)

After a quick dinner, we wandered around the concourse trying to put together a video of fan reaction to Ron Burgundy. I have tons of respect now for people who do streeters interviews - shockingly, no one wanted to talk to us! After editing a bit of that, I filmed the evening scrum, edited it up and then it was home for some sleep to repeat tomorrow!

The artists are sharing our office (the NHL visiting team dressing room, I still think that's neat in itself). Everyday, a photo is chosen. The first artist preps in (8-10hrs) in our office. She uses a projector and a photo. Then, the background painting is taken up to the concourse, and the second artist turns it into a master piece in front of the curling fans (8-10hrs). It's been really neat seeing how the paintings come together.