2013 Roar of the Rings: Goals for the Week

I leave for the Roar of the Rings in ~36 hours. I'm so excited!*

Over the past week, as I've been thinking about what kind of adventures I could get up to in Winnipeg, I've been mentally making a list of goals I want to accomplish. Ten days is a long time, so here's the Top 10 things I want to accomplish (besides watching a ton of curling obviously)...
  1. Learn a new skill. Last time I worked with IT, I became good at using iMovie. If I remember correctly, they're using different editing software, so it'll be good for me to use my brain to learn new technology.
  2. Not get fired. Hopefully I don't screw up #1! Plus I want to keep working these events, so I'll need to do a good job. So much pressure for a vacation.
  3. Meet new people. So far my list of people I want to meet/wish good luck/shake hands with include: Lisa Weagle (@ottgal, who I've followed on twitter for ages, plus she is an awesome lead like I aspire to be and she has the coolest first name), @ottguy (who I've also followed on twitter for ages, and who I think  will be watching Team Homan), Danielle Inglis (@inglisdanielle, who I think I might get to work with? I curl with her past teammate so I need to say hi.)
  4. Meet up with old friends. This is my favourite part of working these events! So I'm looking forward to working/hanging out with all the friendly faces who work for the CCA. I hope to say hi to the merch ladies I met at the Brier too. I love seeing and hanging out with friendly faces at these events!
  5. Take a picture of Ron Burgundy to post to twitter. (Confused? See below.)
  6. Limit the libraryland work I do. I'll keep up with my work email, and I do need to do some libraryland non-work work, but I'm hoping to keep this to a time limit of one draw. And my goal is to not think about libraryland outside of this working draw. Also I need to read my book for book club (oops, forgot till now!).
  7. Buy a FM scan radio. I've borrowed one, but I'm hoping the stores will sell me one so I can listen to the TSN commentary in house forevermore (see #5).
  8. Tweet up a storm! Lot's of backstage photos are imminent!
  9. Watch Storage Wars. Seriously. This is my hotel guilty pleasure.
  10. Not get fat. The event is sponsored by Tim Horton's. I love blueberry fritters and glazed titbits. They will be everywhere backstage. I have no will power.

He's a big deal, eh? Never seen the movie. Or any Will Ferrell movie. Should make for an interesting weekend?!

*Except one of my cats has a potential infection and needs pills twice a day and the cat sitter was only going to come once a day so now I have 36 hours to figure out what I'm going to do with only one set of spare keys and an annoyed cat sitter. So I'll probably spend the entire 10 days worrying about my cats. {sigh}