2013 Roar of the Rings: Are you ready?

Curling-on-tv season has officially started! Have you been watching? There's been a Grand Slam on, and another starts later this week. This past weekend was the first time of the new season we got to hear Vic, Linda and Russ call the games at the Road to the Roar - hearing them on tv always marks the start of curling-on-tv season for me! And the RttR event reminded me of what is coming around the corner in three weeks.

Goofy name aside, the Road to the Roar (which sends 2 men's and 2 women's teams to the Roar) taught me a new word: "slingbox" (which allowed me to watch the second men's qualifier on a cable channel I don't subscribe to because I'm cheap). I won't need to take advantage of a sling box to watch the Roar though...

...because I'm going to see it live!

The Roar of the Rings is the slightly less goofy name (as an LOTR fan I actually think it's an awesome moniker!) for the curling trials that send a men's and women's team to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

I volunteered for a curling event for the first time at the 2009 Roar. I helped sell merchandise. It was epically awesome. It started it all. Since then, my curling volunteering resume has grown a lot: I sold stuff, I emptied garbages, I filled pop coolers, I tweeted, I interviewed folks and wrote articles, I updates stats, I wrote game recaps, I filmed media scrums, I tagged photos, I scheduled and supervised volunteer teams.

I'm going to Winnipeg for the 2013 Roar to do one of my favourite jobs: IT intern. I think I'll be filming and editing media scrums like I did at the 2012 Canada Cup in Moose Jaw last year. It's an awesome job! I love working for the Canadian Curling Association - they always treat me so well and I get to work for and with my favourite people. I get to hang out backstage, and I get to watch lot's of curling.

This will be the longest event I've ever worked (including a couple set up/take down days) that is the farthest from home. As usual I'm a bit anxious because I won't know too many people and I'm never really sure what I'll be doing until I get there, but all I keep thinking about is sitting in the stands, watching the best men's and women's teams duke it out for a shot at Olympic glory.

The only thing I've got left to do (besides wait...) is to find a mini FM radio that will pick up the FM signal of the TSN commentary feed in the arena. I missed the ebay train but I'm still chasing down a few leads, and usually they sell radios in the merch areas. Oh yeah, I need to find a cat sitter too! Wonder if I can smuggle them in with my carry on...

I'm looking so forward to it. I've been looking forward to it since the 2012 Brier last year. You really have no idea (unless you work with me, then you'll appreciate the effect the change of scenery will have). And now that the flight is booked and the hotel is confirmed - well I'm practically counting down the hours (lies, I suck at math, I can't even keep how many days left straight, just bring it on!).

So stay tuned, another epic curling volunteering adventure is on it's way!