Curling Team Shake Up 2013

It's almost that time again - ice is in, the pros are starting to play bonspiels - it must be curling season!

Here's my annual recap of the curling team shake up that happened over the summer. There weren't a lot of moves as it's an Olympic year, but there were a couple shockers!

Men's Teams

Team Epping: Scott Howard is out! He'll be playing on Team Rumfeldt this season. Collin Mitchell will join Epping.

Team Martin: John Morris is out! Dave Nedohin is in!

Team Cotter: John Morris will be taking over (but throwing third?) and this is now Team Morris. Gunnlaugson has moved to alternate. See above.

Team(s) Appelman: Looks like both Ted and Tom will be skipping teams this year.

Women's Teams

Team Webster: Cathy Overton-Clapham will replace Erin Carmody.

Team Crocker: Erin Carmody will replace Sarah Wilkes.

Team Smith-Dacey: Jill Brothers (Mouzer) will now play third.

Team Nicol: With Jill leaving, this team is now Hollie Nicol, Stephanie LeDrew, Danielle Inglis, Courtney Davies and Heather Nicol.

So, what did I miss??

There were curling team shake ups in my life too!

Team Tuesday: He broke my heart but I got to keep the curling team. Lesson learned - don't date the third.

Team Wednesday: my wheelchair curling friends will be making their own team, so we've joined with another pair looking for a team. Should be interesting. Thankfully I think that means I get demoted back to lead!