2013 Brier Canadian Men's Curling Championship: Update 3

Thursday, March 7, 2013
Alarm went off at 5:30am. So early. Supervise program sales. Check on merchandising volunteers. Say hi to old CCA friends. Watch curling. Bedtime.

One of my volunteers is carrying the NB flag, another one is singing the anthem. I'm so proud!

Friday, March 8, 2013
One of my fantastic bankers took charge of a key and let me sleep in instead of hanging out for the morning draw! Otherwise today was much like yesterday. Work some. Chat to volunteers. Watch curling.

I'll say it again: my favourite part of this event has been chatting to and getting to know better all of my volunteers. Curling volunteers are genuinely lovely people!

All the volunteers are collaborating on a present for the winning team.

For the first time this week I actually stayed until the end of the evening draw - and it was ridiculous! Alberta (hometown favourite) was sooo close to a tiebreaker and everyone was watching the other games as they mattered to Alberta and there was cheering and jeering and booing (bad manners curling fans!) and it was sooo exciting.

In the end there were no tiebreakers and we all get to sleep in tomorrow!

Saturday, March 9, 2013
Short day. Unpredictable finishes to games for sure! We were so close to selling 3000 programs!

Page Playoff 1vs2 set the schedule for the weekend.

I watched the last game with my boyfriend and a friend then headed to the Closing Reception. I've never been to a closing reception, so I figured I should take this director's privilege! All the curlers and families and media and organizing committee and other VIPs were there. There was some nibbley food and some beverages and some speeches. They announced the All Star teams (half of whom were sleeping to prepare for tomorrow's game) and that was that. I'm not a schmoozer, nor do I make small talk with rock stars, so I headed over to the patch to meet the boys.

I don't drink so don't usually go to the Patch but it was fun times on a Saturday night. The band (Hey Romeo) had the crowd up and the beer seemed to be quite popular. The fun part was seeing the Lego Curling set - made by one guy for about $1700 and he just travels around to the events with it. It's awesome. I want a mini figure of me curling!! It is so darn cute! The also had a photo booth where you could wear vintage curling sweaters and pose with some corn brooms. So I see why the Patch is so popular. Fun times.

Hard to take a good photo - it's so big and the lighting was bad. Take my word for it - it's awesome!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013
Last day. Disappointing finishes depending on who you cheer for. Must sell 3000 programs! In the end we managed to sell 3129 - my volunteers did such a fantastic job and we met all our quotas.

We were in takedown mode pretty early. By 8pm we had all the unsold programs moved down to the event office, all our supplies redistributed, our deposits and accounts handed off and our seller prizes given out. In the end we watch the last half of the final. Interesting finish, eh?

Teams Manitoba and Northern Ontario walk out for the final. 

A pipe band! Gotta love the closing ceremonies.

Northern Ontario for the win!

The Sociables join all the medal winning teams for one last "Sociables!" cheer.

The last day is always bittersweet. It was sad to say goodbye to all my really great volunteers and my CCA friends. I really enjoyed working with everyone, made some new friends, and got to know others better. Who knows if/when I'll see folks again, so yes, the last day is always sad. Sure, I wont have to eat arena food, or stand on concrete all day, or wake up super early, or endure my messy-no-groceries-need-to-do-laundry condo, and my cats missed me...but working a curling event is something else. I'm going to miss everything about it!!