2013 Brier Canadian Men's Curling Championship: Update 1

Usually I write a daily recap when I'm volunteering at curling events, but this year, as I'm a volunteer Director, I don't have quite have time. So here's a bit about what I've been doing!

Thursday February 28 - Set Up.
I met six of my merchandising volunteers (after a big snafu getting into the building) for merchandising set up. We were met by the manager of merchandising, who took us well into the bowels of Rexall to where they had unloaded the pallets of merchandising. I've been backstage at Rexall before, but this was something else! Huge bags of popcorn ready for the garbage. Kegs kegs kegs and more kegs. Kitchens. Narrow hallways. Floor to ceiling cages of...stuff. And half a dozen pallets of items to sell in the Brier stores, tucked into corner amongst all the other boxes of...stuff.

First we unloaded the pallets, splitting the boxes into the North Store and the South Store - thankfully the boxes were mostly clearly marked. Then we opened the boxes that had clothing in them (as opposed to mugs, golf balls, pins, yadda yadda yadda) and hung the clothing on rolling racks by gender and size. And then it was time to send the volunteers home for lunch! I went for lunch with the two merchandising supervisors (one of whom remembered me from the trials in 2009!), and then helped for another hour when the cashiers I hired showed up to help with more unpacking.

In the bowels of Rexall, unpacking the stores.

Can't have the Brier without the (new and controversial!) rocks!

I met up with the CCA event accountant and discussed the program sales set up, moved some boxes, and then trained the program sales bankers. Learning curve much? Actually, it's not that complicated, and we sorted out a lot including schedules and job descriptions etc. After training, the bankers and I - with the help of a couple stolen carts - moved 4000 programs from the loading ramp up to the program sales room. My bankers are an awesome group and I'm confident they are going to do a fantastic job!

On my way home, I heard bagpipes, so I sat down to watch the dress rehearsal of opening ceremonies. Sore feet. Home time. Hungry kitties waiting for me. The end.

Friday March 1 - Hot Shots
I've been waiting for a long time to watch a Hot Shots competition, and I even meant to get down to Rexall at a reasonable time to watch but alas, it was not to be. Mostly because I slept in a got lazy. I did come down to the venue to meet the my CCA accountant friend and we sorted out a safe snafu. Then we took a field trip to Canadian Tire to buy 17 toolboxes (to hold Patch drink tickets). Imagine the looks two girls got while wheeling out a cart full of 17 toolboxes! After that we cut holes in the boxes and labelled locks - all very glamourous.

Shopping trip!

Friday night was the volunteer appreciation dinner. This was the first time I've attended, as this is the first time I've known other volunteers. It was nice to sit with a bunch of friends! The dinner was nice, followed by one of the bands and the usually goofy games and door prizes. I left before the teams came in to be introduced, but I gather it was quite a party!

Saturday March 2
Today was out first full day, but it was a weird day because it started with the Opening Ceremonies and the Hot Shots final. It was the first day for program sellers - and my bad I didn't schedule a full compliment for the opening ceremonies - and good grief were they every slammed! Lesson learned for next time.

This is Jean Bryski. She is a super volunteer. I wrote about her when I was working at the 2012 Scotties. She is a super volunteer. Her son nominated her for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal for her volunteering and leadership efforts, and asked if he could use the article as part of the nomination package. And she won! She is lovely, and was proud to show off her medal (after I begged to see it). I'm glad I got to catch up with her, and am sure I'll see her again down the road!

We were busy all day sorting out sellers, cashing them in and balancing deposits, although when I say we I mean my awesome crew of bankers. I'm just 'supervising'! It was a learning curve for us all today! I managed to get around to check in with my merchandising volunteers, grab a quick lunch in the sponsors lounge and repeat!

Taking in some of the action.

I actually watched a bit of curling during the evening draw with my boyfriend. The view was great but I was super tired and couldn't concentrate on any game too long. Twitter told me we were sitting near the guy who was selling "Keep Calm and Koe On" tshirts - so I bought one! Awesome!

The snow was falling but I managed to get out of the parking lot before the rush. Four hours sleep and back at it!