Curling on TV: The Canadian Open

Time for another Grand Slam curling event - on tv of course. The Canadian Open (also here) will run from Dec 12-16 in Kelowna, BC.

Teams include: Cotter, de Cruz, Epping, Fowler, Gushue, Higgs, Howard, Jacobs, Kean, Koe, Laycock, Lyburn, Martin, McEwen, Menard, Pierce, Rumfeldt, and Stoughton.

Broadcast Schedule is here - looks like it's all on Sportsnet (no CBC this time?)! There's 2 games on Thursday - Saturday and the final goes Sunday.

Big story all ready is that Martin wont be there because he's having hernia surgery. Should that excuse his performance at the Canada Cup? Yes. comment.

Also, I can't find an event specific website (and I even used all my fancy librarian skills). The Masters had a website, but there appears to be no "grand slam" website like their used to be. Fortunately Sportsnet (slick looking site!) and the World Curling Tour will have all the info you need. And I can't find a title sponsor, but other sponsors are here. Who wants to start a collection so AMJ Campbell can film a new commercial?!