Canada Cup: Day 5

Last day.

Women's Final. The benefit of only having one game on the ice is that I can watch the whole thing, and then the media scrum gets going. The Women's Final was an exciting game! And the media scrum was the busiest I've filmed. Then it was edit, tag, post, tag, post, photos title, tag, post.

Women's Final in action - Lawton vs Team Jones.

Lawton win! Bring on the chaos!

Bye bye rocks! See you down the road!



The Men's Final was also awesome to watch! It was a close game, right down to the last shot. Couldn't ask for much more.

Men's Final - Howard vs Stoughon.

Moose Jaw actually set a Canada Cup attendance record!

Last shot for Howard...

Stoughton wins!

There was a bit of a panic during the media scrum - there was some freezing rain and the highway was possibly going to be closed, and of course a lot of us had to get to Regina to fly out or whatever. I ended up filming the media scrum then was rushed out of there on the last airport run to Regina. It looked like I would be travelling with Team Stoughton, but that didn't work out. No freezing rain either, and no closed highway, just great conversation with the volunteer driver and I made it to the airport in good time.*

As I said yesterday, it's bittersweet. I enjoyed myself. The people here have been great to work with. The curling has been fun to watch. I'm so fortunate the Canadian Curling Association lets me come and hang out. I made some new friends this trip, reconnected with old ones, and generally had a fantastic time. Curling events are fabulous to work at and I'm super appreciative to have been at such a great one in Moose Jaw!

But I'm exhausted. It probably doesn't help that I'm still battling a nasty cold. It's only been 5 days, yet the Brier is 9, so I'm going to have to get back into shape for the long haul in Edmonton in March!

*And my flight is delayed an hour. Which means I'll miss my connection in Calgary to Edmonton. Which means I'm either not getting to Edmonton tonight, or I'll have to pray the midnight flight isn't full. Which means I either wont get home tonight, or I'll get home at 3am. Well that will be fun teaching my 8am class now wont it. I'm sitting here now in the Regina airport. I actually think I might cry.