Canada Cup - Day 4

So, I left off yesterday praying for no tiebreakers, but indeed there was one men's game on early this morning. Key words with the "early" and "morning". I arrived at the fifth end and spent a lovely last half of the game chatting to my media bench partners. I always learn so much from the experienced people who work these events - it always is super interesting hearing their stories and commentary! I'm pretty lucky they let me hang out up on the bench.

Koe/McEwen tiebreaker.

Russ Howard chatting to the Saskatchewan Wheelchair Curling Team (2012 National Champions!) - they will be doing a demo during the women's semi 5th end break.

Women's Semi Final.

Fifth end break: interviews, ice cleaning and the wheelchair curling demo.

 Men's Semi Final.

One more day! Bitter sweet, it's been fun but I'm exhausted!