Canada Cup: Day 3

Third day. A comfortable routine sets in. See the same security guard sitting in the same spot, make the same joke about their lack of sleep, know where the full box of timbits are, chat to same media folks, yap to familiar volunteers about the games, stand behind the camera and film curlers. My partner in crime and I have a good little media scrum filming routine going on too - she picks who she wants to talk to, sometimes we come up with some questions together, then we film our chosen bits plus whatever the other reporters come up with. Then it's edit, upload, tag, post, tag, post, tag, post, download photos, tag, post. Lunch. Watch some curling. Repeat. Dinner. Watch some curling. Repeat. Bedtime.

The view from behind the scoreboards.

Practice before Draw 8.

Afternoon draw - using the fancy panorama app on my iphone.

Rock handles ready to go.

Today is the day we start praying for no tiebreakers so everyone can sleep in tomorrow before the semis. I'll let you know how that goes - I'm heading out to watch the evening game now...